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The 2TEC2 manufacturing story is the beautiful combination of technology and the bespoke traditions of weaving.


September 30th, 2015

As a family business specialising in the design and production of exclusive luxury carpets for the commercial environment, the making process of 2TEC2 is very close to the heart of the family. What we have here is the ultimate fusion of science and art – technological and handmade.

The making is kept very close to home, situated in Le Tissage d’Arcade family’s factory, in the stunning European borough of Mouscron, Belgium. The factory now has its own spinning facilities as well as a high-tech lab where all products are quality checked daily. The carpet is then sent to another facility to apply the PVC backing onto the final woven carpet.



2TEC2 rolls and tiles are a synthetic vinyl floor covering made of PVC yarns with glass fibre core, manufactured on jacquard weaving looms and finished with a homogeneous PVC backing reinforced with a non-woven glass fibre.

Owning their own factory, fully-equipped with modern Jacquard looms and high-tech spinning labs means that 2TEC2 is able to oversee and manage the entire manufacturing process fro concept to creation. Nothing is left to chance, and every single thread is accounted for, meaning that quality is always assured at each stage of the making process.



We sat down with 2TEC2 Export Manager, David Lambrecht, to chat about the history and future of the 2TEC2-manufacturing story:

How does the 2TEC2 manufacturing process work?

To process 2TEC2, we extrude our own PVC yarns and these we use on our looms to weave our 2TEC2 tissue. This tissue is in a next production step provided/combined with PVC backing. Once this process is finished we make rolls or tiles (50*50) for the office, hotel, retail and healthcare market.

Where is it manufactured?

2TEC2 is completely from A-to-Z produced in Mouscron, Belgium.

Is there a particular historical significance with 2TEC2 and the jacquard weaving looms? 

Well, 2TEC2 is part of Le Tissage D’Arcade, a family owned business of family Dewitte, who has quite a track record in textile industry. From their knowledge in fabricating and marketing rugs for their other company Limited Edition, they came up with the luminous idea (creative idea) to also weave another type of yarn on their looms. So over 10 years, they started experimenting with different type of yarns and along the way, created 2TEC2, the woven vinyl roll and Tile, which is nowadays delivered and installed all over the world.

This unique blend technology and tradition is just another thread in the tapestry of what makes 2TEC2 the most bespoke and technical woven vinyl product globally.

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 2TEC2 is distributed exclusively in Australia through De Poortere

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