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The semi open kitchen designs sweeping through modern HDB flats

Semi-open kitchens are the perfect middle ground between spacious and self-contained kitchens.

The semi open kitchen designs sweeping through modern HDB flats

Juliet Taylor


August 22nd, 2022

Open plan kitchens are without a doubt the most popular modern kitchen style – and for good reason. An open plan kitchen creates a vast new space in the home, removing any barriers that might cramp movement and floor space. Open plan kitchens make interiors feel larger, brighter, and more welcoming. However, they do have a few downsides; namely, that the kitchen is visible from all points of the room and at all times.

This is where semi-open kitchens come in. A semi open kitchen is a kitchen which is partially separated from the rest of the house, usually with a partition or other barrier which cordons off one area of the kitchen and leaves the rest open. Semi open kitchens are a very popular design style for both their practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Semi open kitchens have a number of benefits. They block some of the kitchen from sight, meaning that messes and clutter made during cooking cannot be seen from the living or dining room – which is especially nice when you sit down at the table for dinner.

They also help to block the grease, smoke, smells and other consequences of cooking from the rest of the house (while still allowing ventilation inside the kitchen itself). This can help to preserve your home in the long term as prolonged exposure to the kinds of moisture, fumes, smoke and smells that occurs during cooking could lead to your furniture absorbing the scent or warping after prolonged contact.

Finally, semi open kitchens provide an avenue for creative design where open planned kitchens simply do not. With a semi open kitchen, you have complete freedom in the material, design, placement, size and style of whichever partition or barrier you choose. This allows designers to make their kitchens highly stylised, tailored to the décor of the room, and fit to purpose. A partition provides an opportunity to vary the texture of materials in a room and begin layering design features to enhance visual intrigue.

There are a number of current trends in semi open kitchen designs for HDB flats – particularly in renovation projects. Glass partitions are especially popular as well as a half open kitchen wall, timber partitions and folding windows. Sliding doors are also becoming increasingly popular within resale HDB kitchen design because they enable flexibility in having an open or contained space.

Kitchen partitions and kitchen door ideas are abundant enough for the choice to be a little daunting, but have no fear. The perfect kitchen divider design is out there waiting to be formed for your home. Here’s a little advice and some concepts to get you started.

Semi open concept kitchens Singapore: Five designs to inspire your HDB semi open kitchen renovation

6. Non-framed glass partition

glass partition open kitchen HDB BTO flat concept ideas

A glass partition is easily one of the most popular ways to create a semi-open kitchen space. Glass does not block light or restrict the flow of design. It allows a space to still feel open and bright, often even adding to the light bouncing around the room for an overall brightening effect. Installing a glass partition without a frame creates a simple and elegant semi-open kitchen without detracting any attention from the other design features of the room. A frameless glass partition is the best option for small kitchens as it provides a barrier without cramping the space.

5. Framed glass partition

modern HDB black and white kitchen bar breakfast partition glass

Taking this design idea a little further, a framed glass partition has a sense of structure that works well in a large space, such as a 4 room BTO open kitchen. Frames provide an impression of industrialism that compliments a modern décor and contrasts elegantly with rustic or classic designs. A black frame is a bold and contemporary way to draw attention to the semi-open design of your kitchen, and lends strength in the overall composition of a space.

4. Separating the wet and dry kitchen HDB flats

moodyHDB contemporary kitchen framed glass partition

A tradition which originated in Malaysia, separating the wet and dry areas of a kitchen is an idea making its way into modern global design. Semi open kitchen HDB flats with wet and dry separations are becoming more popular for their innovation and practicality. It is also the perfect opportunity for a semi-open kitchen plan; the wet kitchen works best when enclosed, and the dry area can be completely open plan. This will help to limit the smells, smoke, grease and clutter from wet kitchen cooking, but still allow you to have an open kitchen space for entertaining or making breakfast.

3. Half open kitchen wall

wet and dry separated kitchen plan ideas design HDB BTO apartment flat warm marble

Another brilliant idea for a semi open kitchen is to partially remove the dividing wall. This creates an attractive window-like space which allows you to see into the kitchen without removing the structure and benefits of an enclosed kitchen. The perfect design for those who enjoy entertaining, this type of semi open kitchen is ideal for those who like to cook with company.

2. Artistic feature partition

kitchen window wall ideas HDB apartment BTO resale flats white kitchen modern rustic

Though it may not serve an obvious purpose, the aesthetic value of an artistic semi-open kitchen design cannot go ignored. A gorgeous timber partition like this creates symmetry within the room and layers the décor textures for a sophisticated and imaginative effect.

This is an opportunity to let your creative spirit soar as you have free reign over the style and form of your kitchen partition. An artful timber accent, a photo wall, an elegant marble cut-out, or even a deep-set fish-tank filled with your favourite tropical fish are all easily achievable with the right design (and of course, the right designers).

1. Bi fold glass doors

french doors to kitchen HDB apartment modern black bi fold doors

Bi fold glass doors are without a doubt one of the best ways to create a semi-open kitchen space. With bi fold doors, you have complete power over whether your kitchen is open enclosed at any given moment. Bi fold doors can be tucked neatly to the side when not in use, and when they are employed to section off the kitchen their eye catching design only adds to the beauty of the room.

You can find bi fold kitchen doors in many different styles such as clear, fluted or frosted glass, industrial, rustic, French and classic. Bi fold glass doors are the perfect semi open kitchen option for a household which likes to entertain, but enjoys time alone as well.

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