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Why fluted glass might be right for you

Fluted glass is a style of textured glass manufactured with vertical grooves that prevent it from being see-through.

Why fluted glass might be right for you

Juliet Taylor


May 30th, 2022

Fluted glass has vertical grooves which are created by pressing semi-molten glass between metal rollers. It is also known as ribbed glass, reeded glass, and textured glass.

Fluted glass is a type of opaque glass, meaning glass which cannot be seen through from either side. This type of glass is usually installed in bathroom windows and shower screens to protect privacy, but some people choose to include a fluted glass design all throughout their house. This is a great way to ensure your security and avoid thinking about prying eyes without having to sacrifice window space or natural light.

There are different levels of opacity. A fully opaque glass is a glass that has been made impossible to see through. This will also stop natural light and it does not just blur the surroundings through the window but actually obscures them. 

Fluted glass is semi opaque in that it will distort the view through the glass, but it will not obscure them entirely. With fluted glass, you might see a vague outline of a person as opposed to their face, clothes or body. The vertical grooves have a very distinct look that is favoured by many architects and interior designers as a way of protecting privacy without sacrificing the aesthetic value of glass.

The most common place to find fluted glass in Singapore is in the bathroom, particularly the shower screen. However, it is also fairly common to see a fluted glass door, fluted glass panels on windows, and doors or wardrobes with a fluted glass accent.

fluted glass kitchen ideas living room reeded glass design textured

Fluted glass vs reeded glass

Fluted glass is actually the same as reeded glass; the terms are interchangeable. Many people get this confused, however they are likely thinking of frosted glass. Frosted glass is a semi-opaque type of glass, like fluted glass, except frosted glass has a slightly foggy appearance. This is usually produced by sandblasting sheets of glass, which causes light to scatter whilst passing through the glass (therefore making it harder to see through).

Fluted glass has a number of benefits. It is a great way to allow light to still enter a room without sacrificing any privacy. It also creates vertical vector lines, a technique often used in interior design to make a space seem taller and therefore larger. Fluted glass also has a timeless aesthetic appeal that has drawn interior designers to it for decades. It works equally well as a feature of the home or just to perform an obscuring function. Maintenance of fluted glass is fairly easy and it only requires a wipe down here and there.

fluted glass kitchen ideas living room reeded glass design textured

However, there are a few downsides to fluted glass. The first is that it can be quite expensive, with standard prices sometimes reaching up to three times as much as cheaper options. The irregular surface can also prove difficult as it means the glass is less strong than a solid glass of the same thickness. When cleaning, you will have to make sure that the wipe reaches inside each of the grooves.

For more information about fluted glass, see the list below for the best fluted glass uses in home design.

Fluted glass Singapore: Bronze, tempered fluted glass ideas for privacy

6. Cabinet

fluted glass kitchen ideas living room reeded glass design textured

Fluted glass cabinets have a vintage flair that is sure to catch the eye. It is also a great way to make sure that you can see a vague outline of your crockery (helping to remind you where everything is) without needing the make sure the cupboard is immaculately neat. Fluted glass adds a touch of class and intrigue to a traditional solid-wood or plain glass cabinetry.

5. Wardrobe

fluted glass kitchen ideas living room reeded glass design textured

Fluted glass can be styled to suit any time period. While fluted glass cabinetry against bold colours appears vintage, a fluted glass wardrobe with bronze and neutral accents manages to look quite modern. Fluted glass has a gorgeous elegance that, when stretched from ceiling to floor as it is here, makes the glass seem more like a sheer curtain than a solid surface. 

4. Sliding door

fluted glass kitchen ideas living room reeded glass design textured

Fluted glass sliding doors are an ideal way to section off parts of a home without losing out on any natural or ambient light. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and especially bathrooms, this style essentially creates a barrier between rooms that can be removed at will. When the doors are open the glass will be almost invisible, significantly opening up the space. Even when closed, a fluted glass partition will ensure that a space does not feel cramped.

3. Shower screen

fluted glass kitchen ideas living room reeded glass design textured

The bathroom is without a doubt one of the best places to have fluted glass. It is an elegant yet practical way of protecting privacy perfectly suited to the area where privacy is most commonly needed. The vertical groves of fluted glass also makes it easier to clean in a shower setting, and it will not show water streaks as the grooves provide a channel for the shower water to flow down. For beautiful, privacy conscious bathroom design look no further than a fluted shower screen.

2. Panel door

fluted glass kitchen ideas living room reeded glass design textured

Fluted glass doors are a standout design choice sure to turn heads. There is a lot of versatility in what you can do with fluted glass panel doors, but an arched design is without a doubt one of the most beautiful options. Capturing a slightly vintage yet somehow timeless sophistication, this is a look that will define the aesthetic of your home.

1. Window

fluted glass kitchen ideas living room reeded glass design textured

A fluted glass window is a simple and elegant way to enhance your bathroom’s practicality and appearance with one movement. Fluted glass windows are timeless and do not block light, but they blur details through the window to protect your privacy. They work equally well in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms. The best part of a fluted glass window is that you can always just open it if you find yourself wanting to see the details of what is happening outside.

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