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The ten best brands for bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories are a crucial part of interior design. What are the best brands to purchase your bathroom accessories from?

The ten best brands for bathroom accessories

Juliet Taylor


March 24th, 2022

Bathroom accessories are generally just anything which goes in your bathroom that can be removed or updated. Bathrooms are usually one of the most accessory-heavy rooms in a house because they serve so many functions; things like soap dispensers, shelves, soap dishes, towel rails, toothbrush holders etc. all fit the definition of a bathroom accessory. These accessories generally perform minor tasks that are still pivotal to bathroom function, often just storing or holding items related to washing such as soap or towels. However, one could also consider larger, more important things like mirrors or toilet bowls to be bathroom accessories – and indeed this list does.

Current trends in bathroom accessories are seeing something of a return to brutalism, with plain whites or greys often taking center stage. Simple, tone-matching accessories are in, creating a sense of unity within the bathroom. Pops of colour are also a fairly regular feature, for those who enjoy a more lively colour palate in their bathroom but still want to keep the elegance of a contemporary style.

Bathrooms are often overlooked in interior design, but they should be considered one of the most important rooms in the house. Bathrooms are usually shared, unlike bedrooms, and they provide all of the comforts of modern living, such as the invigorating power of an early morning shower and the relaxing joy of a late-night bath. As such, choosing your bathroom accessories is no menial task; it is an opportunity to restyle your bathroom without having to renovate. Choosing accessories which will suit both your style and your practical needs can be tricky, so here is a list of the ten best brands for bathroom accessories currently in Singapore. Keep in mind your bathroom’s size, colour scheme and, above all, the types of accessories that appeal to you, because you’re the one who will have to look at them every day.

Bathroom accessories Singapore

10. Bathroom Warehouse

Bathroom warehouse is regarded as the ‘one-stop shop’ for everything bathroom related. They sell a diverse range of bathroom products, from toilet bowls, shower rails, taps, and baths to ceiling fans. They have multiple locations across Singapore so accessibility should be no problem.

Average prices vary drastically because of the vast range of products, but Bathroom Warehouse prides itself on providing high quality products for competitively low prices. ($$-$$$$) Their accessory range in particular includes a number of high-quality items in various styles and colours; we particularly recommend browsing through the Kohler Components accessory range for a contemporary toilet accessories set.

To find a location near you and discover more about Bathroom Warehouse, see their website here.

09. Hansgrohe

Hansgrohe is a German brand internationally renowned for their product designs their and role in bathroom innovation. They sell a range of products, from Bathroom to Kitchen supplies, but Hansgrohe are best known for their showers. Their design philosophy involves a deep love of water, and they commit to making the beauty of water a feature of everyday life. Hansgrohe showers are also some of the most eco-friendly showers on the market. They are technologically advanced and many have adjustable settings.

For instance, this Pulsify Select S shower set has settings like: massage spray, powder rain, and intense rain – which is especially perfect for households with different preferences. You can also purchase the bundle hand shower and storage set here if you would like to make your bathroom colour scheme more cohesive.

08. Kohler

Kohler is an innovative American brand with a focus on the future of home design. They supply kitchen and bathroom supplies and their website keeps up with the latest news and design ideas in the industry.

The latest design from Kohler is an intelligent toilet which boasts many revolutionary developments in sanitation. It is also a unique design and truly encapsulates the Kohler philosophy of merging futuristic innovation with art.

Find more information about the future of toilet design here.

07. Hoe Kee Superstore

Hoe Kee Superstore is another one-stop-shop for all of your bathroom needs. They also cover kitchenware if you would like to match your bathroom with your kitchen. Hoe Kee Superstore is especially known for their high-quality shower fittings, mirror cabinets, and wash basins.

They provide these products at some of the most competitive prices on the market, making them one of the cheapest brands still stocking high-quality products. You can shop their extensive range here – this ROZ mirrored bathroom cabinet would make a gorgeous addition to any bathroom at just $108.00.

06. Ikea

Ikea is a staple of the furniture industry. Their extensive bathroom range needs no introduction, and their prices are extremely competitive. The breadth of their range means that they are sure to stock exactly the style and size that you need, and not just for the bathroom. Ikea stocks affordable, crucial bathroom products such as sanitary fittings and shower trays like this one (90x90cm):

Available here for $250.

They also carry larger items, like toilet doors and this toilet vanity cabinet.

Available for $276.

05. Duravit

The Italian company Duravit have some of the most stylish bathroom product designs available. Their products are creative and unique, and for lovers of bold choices this may be the brand for you. For example, this black toilet bowl by Durvait is available here on sale for just $549.

And this contemporary bath with bathtub accessories can be found here.  

04. Toto

Yet another company interested in intelligent home design, Toto prides itself on ingenuity in the fields of bathroom, living room, kitchen and wardrobe styling. In particular, the toto toilet bowl range is the height of luxury for a contemporary bathroom remodel, available here for $909.00.

03. Modeste

Modeste is a Singapore based store focused entirely on bathroom supply. They have had ten years of industry experience providing beautiful and sanitary bathroom designs with a dedication to comfort and aesthetic appeal. They have a vast range of products but are best known for their creative and beautiful basins.

See more information about this basin here.

See more information about this basin here.

02. Otto Home Goods

Otto provides quality home furniture and accessories for the bathroom, kitchen and living room. Their prices are affordable and the pieces are quality. Take a look at this especially beautiful waterproof basin cabinet (available here for $328).

The otto toilet bowls are recognized as some of their best work, bringing ingenuity and artistry into bathroom design. Shop the otto toilet range online here.

01. Grohe

Grohe is a German company with a firm claim to the best in the bathroom industry. They cover many other aspects of homeware, such as mattresses, lighting, curtains and blinds, air conditioners and many more. However, their bathroom range truly shines. Shop the full extensive range here – they cover everything from golden taps ($268) to black toilet bowls (1,388) to stunningly luxurious bathtubs like this one.

With a brand like Grohe, it’s impossible to go wrong. In fact, you are sure to find the perfect match for your bathroom at any of the listed stores.

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