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Master Bedroom Design Singapore – Top 10 Ideas for Bedroom Inspiration

Master bedrooms are typically the most luxurious bedrooms in any given home. So, what does this mean for their design?

Master Bedroom Design Singapore – Top 10 Ideas for Bedroom Inspiration

Juliet Taylor


August 22nd, 2022

A master bedroom, put simply, is the largest bedroom in the house. This is usually the main bedroom, and most often the one that parents or a couple will share.

Master bedroom sizes vary somewhat depending on the type and floor space of a home, but the average HDB master bedroom can comfortably fit a queen bed and some basic furniture pieces. The average size of a HDB master bedroom is approximately 3m x 4m, though this is subject to change depending on the flat type (i.e. 3 room HDB flat vs 2 or 4 room HDB flats etc).

Master bedrooms also often have ensuites. An ensuite is a private bathroom which is usually attached to the master bedroom. They have become even more sought after in modern times as they are a smarter delegation of resources during the pandemic. If one member of the household has COVID and the others do not, it is much safer to give the infected person the master bedroom for quarantine purposes as then they will not have to share a bathroom with noninfected people.

Because master bedrooms are generally the most luxurious in the household, much focus tends to go into their design. At the moment, bold and contemporary designs are taking centre stage when it comes to master bedroom décor. Bright colours, daring patterns and comfort-centric designs are all the rage right now. Designing a master bedroom is a matter of striking balance between comfort and expression; you want your space to be functional, yes, but you also want it tailored to your likes and desires.

As with all design trends at the moment, bedroom styles come in and out of fashion rapidly (and seemingly at random). That is why it is important not to base all of your decisions on what is popular at the time of designing, and instead focusing on creating an environment that you want to spend time in over the next few years. A good master bedroom design should speak to the creative tendencies of the owners, and be tailored to serving that purpose.

Inspiration, as always, is the first step. Here are ten of the best master bedroom design ideas to get you started.

Master bedroom design Singapore: Interior design master bedroom ideas for HDB, BTO and resale flats

10. Keeping it small

singapore master bedroom HDB BTO small bedroom light white colour scheme design ideas vertical interior height bigger

There are plenty of small master bedrooms out there – but that doesn’t mean their design should be any less spectacular than large masters. Small bedroom design is a fun challenge that interior designers have been undertaking for centuries.

There are a number of strategies to make a small room seem larger (see here) but one of the most visually appealing is the rule of vertical design. Filling a space with vertical lines, arrows and angles is a great way to make the space feel larger, by emphasising the height of the ceilings rather than narrowness of the room. For a master bedroom, this means things like shelving, artwork, curtains, and often even the bedframe itself.

09. Scandinavian

HDB bedroom BTO bedroom master bed ensuite ideas interior design Scandinavian scandi minimalism design neutral grey colour palette

Scandinavian interior design is another quality option for a small master bedroom, because it places emphasis on creating negative space. For a Scandinavian-inspired master bedroom, you should style your room with neutral colours – particularly warm neutrals such as light wood, cream, and greys. Scandinavian furniture is neat, clean and non-bulky, with crisp lines that provide structure to a room.

08. Wallpaper

HDB BTO master bedroom wallpaper design ideas

Wallpaper provides an opportunity to turn your walls into art themselves. Wallpaper has an easy installation process, is more durable than laminate and vinyl, and will not damage the walls that it is installed over. It can also be very affordable, usually priced between $40-$300 SGD for a 15m x 1m roll. Read more about installing wallpaper in HDB flats (including where to purchase high quality artistic wallpaper) here.

07. False ceiling

HDB BTO master bedroom false ceiling design ideas interior designers

One cannot mention bedroom design in Singapore without first talking about false ceilings. False ceilings are a very popular trend in Singaporean master bedrooms; particularly for the choices they allow in lighting. Cove lighting or recessed lighting allows individuals more control over the brightness of the room and softens the light in preparation for bed.

06. Modern design

modern HDB bedroom design contemporary BTO master bedroom design ideas designers interior

For a simple HDB master bedroom, consider a modern look. With clean lines, cool technology and a fairly neutral colour palette, modern design is quite similar to Scandinavian. However, modern designs can be more bold with colours and furniture choices – so don’t be afraid to take risks.

05. Japandi

HDB master bedroom design BTO flat resale apartment interior design japandi japanese scandinavian bedrooms

Japandi design is a hybrid of Scandinavian and Japanese design styles. Taking the crisp minimalism from Scandinavian design and pairing it with the Japanese commitment to natural materials and raw colours, Japandi interiors are elegant, simple, and down to earth. This style is perfect for a large BTO master bedroom as it will allow the beauty of the space to speak for itself rather than crowd the area with clutter.

04. Art Deco

HDB master bedroom design BTO flat resale apartment interior designs art deco

Art Deco style is a much celebrated design movement from the early 20th century which has recently been seeing a resurgence in popularity. Art deco style is eccentric and playful, often toying with bright colours and optical illusions to create whimsical environments. An art deco interior is perfect for a condo with a view or a room which needs a little livening up.

03. Cottagecore

cottagecore HDB bedroom design BTO interior design ideas cozy cosy comfortable teenager

Cottagecore began as an internet aesthetic which quickly swept across the globe. Cottagecore bedrooms are typically cosy, surrounded with books and flowers, and adorned with simple furnishings. For more about how to channel a cottagecore aesthetic in your bedroom decoration, see here. Cottagecore can be beautiful with either small or large apartments

02. Rustic

HDB master bedroom design BTO flat resale apartment interior design rustic industrial

A rustic look creates a timeless sense of simplicity and ease that will never go astray. Raw materials such as natural timber and stone help to create an environment that is in-touch with nature. For a relaxing, beautiful and classic bedroom, consider a renovation with timber cladding or even timber rafters.

01. Cosy

HDB BTO master bedroom interior design ideas cozy comfortable blankets big bedroom apartment

Creating a comfortable space is always the number one priority of bedroom design. Warm bedcovers, cheerful décor and furniture fit to purpose is a must. Don’t forget to add a few personal touches, such as a pop of your favourite colour – after all, the cosiest space is one full of the things you love.

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