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Central Spectrum: Louis Poulsen Releases Cirque and NJP In Soft Grey Tones

With the new editions, Louis Poulsen smartly caters to the increasingly varied range of aesthetics found in today’s homes and commercial spaces.

Central Spectrum: Louis Poulsen Releases Cirque and NJP In Soft Grey Tones

Cirque, designed by Clara von Zweigbergk (left), and NJP, designed by Oki Sato of Nendo (right)

A change in colour application can have an enormous effect on how we perceive the objects around us. Louis Poulsen has been proving that point with new editions of some of its most popular recent products: the playful Cirque lamp designed by Clara von Zweigbergk, and NJP designed by Oki Sato of Nendo as his reinterpretation of the classic anglepoise lamp.

The lights are now available in a quintessentially Scandinavian palette of soft grey tones, establishing ‘quieter’ options that can more easily dwell within the gamut of styles and aesthetics that we find nowadays across our homes, offices and other types of spaces.


The effect of the colour change is significant, and particular to the qualities of each design.


Louis Poulsen Cirque


On Cirque, the effect is a far greater accentuation of form. Whereas the original multi-coloured edition emphasised the individual bands of colour, establishing a playful mood with a bold style, the new grey edition draws attention to the shape of the pendant. That shape is an unconventional composition of soft contours – convex and concave curves that together call to mind images of ancient vessels, hot-air balloons, spacecraft, and perhaps even sea creatures. Such is the power of a thoroughly unique form.

Indeed the intent was to create a visually calm companion to the original suite of Cirque pendants. Says Rasmus Markholt, Idea and Design Director at Louis Poulsen: “While the grey tones give Cirque a subtler expression, the visual impact of the sculptural form is enhanced, highlighting each contour. The simple Scandinavian aesthetic also gives it a different kind of presence: both more introspective and very inviting.”


Louis Poulsen NJP


On NJP, the effect of the new grey tone is an emphasis on the sensory experience of the lamp. NJP was designed by Sato for Louis Poulsen with a shade in a distinct ergonomic shape that makes it easy to adjust the lamp, and to switch it on and off with one hand. The adjustments are made by taking hold of the shade and intuitively finding the on-off button, which sits on the rear of the shade beneath the arm.

“We were seeking to develop a colour that struck the right balance between the inherent coolness of metal and the warmth of an ideal, soft grey,” says Markholt of NJP, which was originally released in black and white versions. “The finish and feel also needed to match the form of NJP in its softness, modernity and elegance – and had to be a great tactile experience, since you wrap your hand around the lamp head to operate the hidden button. We are very pleased with the visual and sensory experience of the Light Alu Grey edition, which presents Oki Sato’s unique form in a new light.”


Of central importance in both lights, of course, is Louis Poulsen’s ongoing focus on the delivery of optimum lighting.


Cirque creates soft and atmospheric downward lighting from its white interior. NJP spreads softly diffused, glare-free and high-quality light over a large area from its built-in LED technology. The chimney-shaped head reflects some of the light through an opening at its rear, illuminating the top of the arm and cooling the LED in the process.

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