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Sustainable soundscapes: Finding acoustic bliss in the bustling modern office

Today, contemporary workplaces are undergoing a design renaissance which prioritises adaptability above all else. Zenith offers a solution imbued with privacy, productivity and performance: the Verse collection of booths and acoustic pods.

Sustainable soundscapes: Finding acoustic bliss in the bustling modern office

Juliet Taylor


November 20th, 2023

The open concept office: undeniably popular, and inherently collaborative. Having taken off in recent years, around 70 per cent of the world’s offices now have an open floor plan of some description.

Open plan offices promote connection and accessibility, encouraging collaboration and the free-flowing exchange of ideas or advice between employees throughout the day. They are recognised as agile spaces which prioritise creativity and community above all else. However, the number one complaint for open-plan offices is a tough one to combat: distractions, distractions, distractions.

A busy – and productive – office will always be accompanied by a symphony of sounds. From constant conversations and the clatter of keyboards to a phone that won’t stop ringing, potential threats to productivity in the physical workplace are a given.

So, where does the modern workplace turn?

Acoustic pods are coming to the forefront of contemporary workspace design as an innovative solution to the challenges of an open-plan office. Acoustic pods provide pockets of privacy where the hustle and bustle of the larger office fades away and employees can concentrate in silence.

Zenith Verse

The sound of silence

Now celebrating 5 years on the market, Zenith’s Verse delivers innovative acoustic pods known for transformative noise reduction and exceptional privacy. In focusing on employee wellbeing, Verse creates tranquil environments which reduce the stress of distractions and enhance mental clarity. Designed to facilitate calmness, private calls, and focused work, Verse promotes a healthier and happier workforce through superior ventilation and wheelchair accessibility. 

By integrating sound-minimising materials and innovative design, Verse creates a multi-layered acoustic environment informed by state-of-the-art sonic engineering. Sound-absorbing panels reduce noise and enhance focus, creating a pocket of stillness free from the calamity of the outside world.

Zenith Verse

Rigorous independent testing under ISO standards certifies its outstanding performance, qualifying Verse for 3 Green Star Credits for acoustics. Achieving between 28-36Dw at 40dB Ambiance with a Privacy Rating of 64-74 (depending on wall type and materials), Verse ensures that neighbouring conversations remain muffled, minimising disruptions and elevating productivity in the workplace.

Zenith recognises the unique needs of every workplace, offering three distinct Verse variations tailored to a diverse range of office spaces and needs.

Verse 1 – Phone Booth provides the ideal escape for private calls or focused work. The medium sized Verse 2 – Meeting Room accommodates for private meetings or small collaborations free of distractions. Verse 3 – Meeting Room offers a generously extended space for up individuals to gather, brainstorm, or conduct group meetings. These pods come in a wide range of colours and finishes, promising seamless integration into the wider office design scheme.

Supporting the circular economy

A distinguishing feature of Verse is its sustainably sourced external timber frame which adds inviting organic touch to the overall design aesthetic. Melbourne houses the entire process of creating each Verse piece, from materials to manufacturing, which boosts the local economy and ensures short lead times for end users. To reduce the carbon footprint, components are designed for easy recyclability – making Verse one of Australia’s most environmentally friendly office booth solutions.

Sustainability and the circular economy was a key consideration for Zenith in the creation of Verse. Verse pods are easily installed and panels can be replaced if damaged, ensuring resilience in high-traffic environments. The pods are also demountable, allowing spaces to be redefined as needed in a forward-thinking move which will reduce building waste and extend the product life.

Technology and innovation

True to Zenith’s ethos of connection and advancement, Verse seamlessly integrates emerging technologies into its meticulous design. Both the booth and meeting rooms within the Verse collection are compatible with ‘Rooms’ technology, an efficient program which drastically simplifies the booking process.  With ‘Rooms,’ you gain access to comprehensive booking software and hardware equipped with user-friendly features and analytics, allowing you to monitor room occupancy and busy periods effectively.

Additionally, Verse supports on-demand bookings and early meeting closures, while intelligent sensors and timers manage power consumption to ensure that lighting and ventilation are only active when necessary. Moreover, Verse is equipped with multiple power outlets for added convenience when charging and using various devices, positioning it as a versatile and eco-conscious choice for contemporary workplaces.

Verse Booths by Zenith provide a holistic solution to open office challenges, promoting a harmonious, productive work environment through superior acoustics, versatile design, employee well-being, and sustainability.

Explore Verse and redefine your workspace today with Zenith.


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