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Standard dishwasher size – what are the average dimensions of a dishwasher in Australia?

Understanding dishwasher types and sizes is crucial to ensure you find the right fit for your home.

Standard dishwasher size – what are the average dimensions of a dishwasher in Australia?

Juliet Taylor


September 30th, 2022

What is the standard size dishwasher Australia?

The standard size of an Australian dishwasher is 600mm wide x 600mm deep x 820mm high. However, standard dishwasher sizes vary by type. The above dimensions are standard for a full-size dishwasher, which is the most common dishwasher type.

Standard sizes differ depending on the type of dishwasher. They may also vary somewhat depending on the brand. Generally speaking, there are four size categories for dishwashers across the world: oversized, standard (full-size), compact, and portable. Standard dishwasher dimensions may vary drastically between each type.

Are all dishwashers same size?

Even across the world, there is not much variation in a standard size dishwasher. American dishwashers are typically 24 inches (60.96cm) wide x 24 inches (60.96cm) deep x 35 inches (88.9cm) tall. This is only slightly larger than their full-size Australian counterpart (although admittedly somewhat taller). UK dishwashers are also very close in size to the standard. Standard dishwasher dimensions in the UK are 60cm width x 59.8cm depth x 85cm height.

Where we begin to see specs variation is when the types of dishwashers change. Compact and portable dishwashers are much smaller than the standard and measurements often differ drastically between brands. There are also specialty designs such as shallow depth or integrated dishwashers. Certain retailers will even make dishwashers to custom sizes, although the pricing will be much higher than standard purchases.

How to fit a dishwasher in a small kitchen?

The average Australian kitchen is 4.3m x 3.4m. Around 6 square metres is considered a small kitchen. Small kitchens will generally be able to fit at least one sink, a stove, cabinetry and a fridge. Most small kitchens will also be able to support a dishwasher – provided you purchase the right size for small kitchens.

Half sized dishwashers are not as common as full-sized, but they are well utilized throughout the small kitchens of Australia. Also known as compact dishwashers, they usually have a width of 45cm. The average compact dishwasher will have enough space to wash 9 place settings at once. For comparison, full-sized dishwashers have the capacity for 12-15 place settings.

Compact dishwashers are best for people with small families (i.e. those who do not use many dishes per meal) and who have limited space in kitchen. Kitchen renovations can be tricky, and choosing a dishwasher is just the beginning. For more ideas on how to ensure you make the most of your kitchen revamp, take a look at these 4 astounding kitchen transformations.

Built in vs freestanding dishwasher

A built in dishwasher is permanently installed into the kitchen. This means that it cannot be moved, exchanged or taken out without extensive professional involvement. As such, a built in dishwasher must stay behind when you move house. By contrast, a freestanding dishwasher is portable and can be placed anywhere around the kitchen.

Freestanding dishwashers are generally cheaper and give you more flexibility. They can connect to the kitchen faucet and drain into the sink. You have control over where to store a freestanding dishwasher and many freestanding dishwashers are customizable to blend in with cabinetry. However, freestanding dishwashers are generally less durable than built in dishwashers. They are also smaller and cannot cope with a large number of dishes at a time. Finally, built in dishwashers are more thorough at cleaning where freestanding-washed dishes may sometimes require an extra scrub after the run.

To help you understand the expected dimensions of various dishwashers, here is a general dishwasher size guide for standard sized Australian products.

Standard dishwasher size Australia: Everything to know about standard dishwasher dimensions

5. Portable dishwasher

portable dishwasher benchtop countertop small amazon cheap

The majority of portable dishwashers are also compact. Many portable dishwashers are designed for countertop use, like the MIDEA model pictured above. This tiny dishwasher has a width of 42 x 43.5 depth x 44cm high. It is designed to live on a countertop and does not require a water connection for operation as it can store up to 5L. This dishwasher is popular with people who own caravans, RVs, or kitchens too small for a full-sized dishwasher.

4. Oversize dishwasher

hospitality kitchen with aluminium and stainless steel

Oversized dishwashers are larger than typical full-sized dishwasher openings. Oversized dishwashers can be extremely large. They are mostly used for hospitality and commercial purposes rather than as an appliance in residential homes. The standard dimensions for oversized dishwashers are usually 76cm-101cm wide x 60cm deep x 89cm high.

3. Small dishwasher

narrow silver dishwasher with depth

For a small dishwasher that does not sacrifice quality, try Bosch dishwashers. The dishwasher pictured above has a width of 450mm, depth of 600mm and height of 845mm. It is one of the narrowest dishwasher models available, yet will still accommodate for 10 place settings. It manages to squeeze three dishwasher drawers and baskets into its compact space. This is a great idea for a small kitchen.

2. Half size dishwasher

shallow skinny dishwasher

A half size dishwasher the most compact dishwasher available. They are usually around 45cm wide, though some can be smaller. The fully integrated dishwasher pictured above has a width of 59cm x 56cm depth x 85cm height. 56cm is one of the most shallow depth dishwashers can be. Purchase it here for $2190 from Domayne.

1. Built in dishwasher

silver dishwasher integrated into kitchen benchtop

Also known as an under bench dishwasher, the majority of built-in dishwashers follow standard sizing. A regular full-sized built-in dishwasher is about 600mm wide x 600mm deep x 820mm high.

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