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Zenith: Curating innovative ideas in modern workspaces

Leveraging their experience in architectural, industrial and engineering design, Zenith delivers game-changing workspace solutions that inspire people and organisations to thrive.

Our society is evolving so fast, it feels like a new wave of innovation emerges daily. For organisations around the world, this provides new opportunities to deliver modern workspaces that are not only productive and safe, but also social, connected and collaborative.

Originating from the Latin word cura, which means ‘to care’, a curator carefully sifts through, pulls together and organises items and, with their wealth of experience and knowledge, makes decisions about how they are best used, seen or experienced. In the field of workplace design, Zenith embodies this ethos, guiding their clients through complex design choices and perfectly balancing hygiene and maintenance, durability, aesthetics and spatial sensitivity in their portfolio of innovative furniture solutions.


To capture the relevance of this leadership role, Zenith has redeveloped their brand to articulate what they are: “Curators of the Modern Workspace”. Accompanying Zenith’s new brand is a fresh new website that will inspire and motivate clients and partners by the potential of the modern workspace.  Take a look around the new website here.

Since its humble beginnings as a partitions and joinery company in 1956, Zenith has believed that people need to feel inspired and motivated by their work environment. As the years have unfolded, the company maintained its curious and pioneering spirit, embracing each new wave of furniture technology.

As organisations develop their workspaces to embody their evolved culture, they need modern working environments that reflect their core values. In this fast-paced world, Zenith leads from the front, guiding and advising clients through a collaborative and interactive design process that enables organisations to transform furniture and technology into effective and sustainable workspace solutions.

Curators have a responsibility to satisfy the needs and curiosities of their audience, which is why Zenith has built strong relationships and partnerships with architects, interior designers and builders. This network enables the company to bring the most innovative and dynamic furniture and workspace solutions to their clients.


Maintaining their belief in innovation keeps Zenith one step ahead of the crowd. Today, Zenith is one of Asia Pacific’s leading furniture solutions companies, with showrooms and manufacturing capabilities across the region. Each local operation is configured to align with the company’s key sustainability principles, ensuring optimal efficiency and quality control across all regions.


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