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The Place of togetherness and intuitive creativity

Balanced and a natural problem-solver, Place is a new type of lounge – one that is smart, intuitive and brings people together. Australian designer, Ross Gardam invites you to experience a refreshed way of working with the Place collection.

The Place of togetherness and intuitive creativity

Togetherness is a concept defined by the present state of being close and connected to another individual. As people, our yearning for human interaction remains at a constant high and today, our current climate is forcing us to take this idealisation of togetherness to new heights.

In the last few months, we have practiced new ways of connectivity through different forms that look beyond our physical boundaries – reshaping the way we interact, converse and operate from day to day. Australian furniture and product designer, Ross Gardam embodies his own new sense and understanding of togetherness in the latest lounge collection, Place.

Place was born from the successes of Adapt – Gardam’s previous lounge collection. Adapt explored contemporary manufacturing technologies, essential forms and purposeful furniture to support the continued conversation between commercial and residential design.

Over the years however, Gardam saw an opportunity to re-invent this idea in more intuitive and compelling way – one that celebrated our sense of place and the way we interact, converse and work within our environments on a daily basis.

For most individuals, our connection to place is a result of past experiences, harboured memories and curated elements that pop up throughout our life.

Drawing from past traditions and connections, the lounge has always had its pride of place within the home or the office – as a spot to rest, relax and revitalise within the day and bring people together. 

With working environments taking on a new innovative identity, its new-age generation of inhabitants are working in a more progressive and agile way than they’ve ever done before. Balanced, timeless and an impressive problem-solver, Place is Gardam’s new chapter in evolving workplace furniture.

Taking over a year to develop and design, Place has grown into a smart, agile and ingenious collection flourishing from the roots of Adapt. Distributed throughout Australia exclusively through Stylecraft, this lounge collection is a milestone in redefining workplace furniture with lounges and accessories which blur the never-ending line between residential and commercial space. 

Here, Gardam offers the most functional, modular platform to connect, experience and create with one another through an innate desire to bring people together that sits within the heart of the collection.

Endless opportunities sing throughout the collection – complete with ottomans, lounges, arms and backs all designed for adaptability and comfort.

Curved, elegant statures enable circular meeting spaces and a myriad of organic floorplan configurations for easy accessibility anywhere in the office. Multiple back and arm heights are adjustable to provide varying levels of privacy, from casual to full privacy spaces to suit the user and their needs.

Crafted to support the modern employee, the Place collection’s flexibility is demonstrated through the movable seat units. To create focused working spaces, the seat units can be easily reconfigured to suit the next solo task or collaborative meeting.

A detachable joiner bracket, concealed on the lounge’s underside, locks or unlocks the individual seat units with a choice of a temporary, or a more permanent configuration.

“Place solves problems when other products do not, and it achieves this while offering an exceptional level of comfort and style,” Gardam expresses. “I see it as a unique product with so many configurations possible, and I am truly looking forward to seeing how people use it and how it can evolve in space.”

An exquisitely versatile system, the collection’s square units are based on an economically square footprint – with every arm and back fitting within the area. Remarkable comfort is paramount in Place – with organic forms, minimal frames and beautiful textures that balance work-focused functionality and proportions.

Gardam translates this to every module joining perfectly – seated back to back or nesting together through the rectilinear or curved seating options.

True to its name, Place practices humanity’s passion, wellbeing and unique connections to our environments. This soulful collection celebrates our enduring capability to stay strong – together or apart – through a revitalised, contemporary style of lounging.

Through the most extraordinary and intelligent of forms, Gardam creates a haven in Place – one that feels less like a traditional lounge and more like a warm embrace that welcomes you; inviting you to come home. 

Place by Ross Gardam is available across Australia exclusively through Stylecraft. 

Photography by Haydn Cattach & Mr P Studios. 

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