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Miniforms Maxistyle

At the vanguard of style and leading its peers with aplomb, James Richardson Furniture (JRF) has yet another stellar offering to add to its already dynamic group of products with the launch of the Miniforms 2020 collection.

Miniforms Maxistyle

With the debut of the Miniforms 2020 collection, James Richardson Furniture (JRF) adds furniture, lighting, objects and accessories that are fun and fabulous, perfectly resolved and, undeniably, fit for every purpose. This latest range has something for everyone and with myriad designs and maximum style it’s no wonder that Miniforms is a brand in the spotlight. Every single product is a winner, as is JRF, as Australian distributor.

Miniforms was established in 1970 in Meolo, Venice by Luigi Bardini and has been in the hands of Alessandro, Matteo and Mario Bardini since purchasing the business from their father in 2009. Over the past 11 years, the brothers have created a company that embraces avant-garde production techniques and celebrates difference, creating a powerful range of products that stand out from the crowd. To add to the mix, Miniforms designs many products in-house, through Miniforms Lab, but also collaborates with young designers who bring a unique and fresh perspective to its brand.

Bottera – design by e-ggs

The new 2020 collection presents an astounding 21 products that span the genre of chairs and sofas, tables, cabinetry, upholstered, freestanding and modular furniture, objects and accessories. The designs are bold and eclectic, always exciting and sometimes a little unexpected.

Tables Tables Tables

There are four tables and three coffee tables in the new range, all different but each an exemplar. For example, Decapo designed by Francesco Beghetto and Antonio Manaigo is an extendable or fixed dining table with an elegant form and legs that incorporate a narrow ‘V’ shape detail; while Barry by Alain Gilles, mixes solidity with lightness to feature legs that curl like a leaf around themselves.

Barry – design by Alain Gilles

Miniforms Lab has designed two products, Briscola, a bistro table, comprising of timber and metal, whose design inspiration is derived from the 1970s card table; however Illo is a more sculptural design that affords function and fancy to a room. Illo shines with versatility and is available in three versions, large to small (including a coffee table), perfect for a dining room, bistro or loungeroom.

Illo Table – design by Miniforms Lab

Along with larger tables there are coffee tables such as Soda by Yiannis Ghikas and Mastea by Matteo Zorzenoni. The former is no lightweight at 20 kilos and has been conceived as a single volume of glass with three large petals that form a stem. The product is blown, drawn out and shaped by three master glassmakers and presents more as a work of art in a gallery but is obviously sensational ‘at home’. On the other hand, Mastea is a contemporary design made with Murano glass that also requires the expertise of a master glassblower to achieve its structure. Here the Venetian past meets the global future as an occasional table for all requirements.

Soda – design by Yiannis Chikas

Chairs – Please Be Seated

Three of the new chair designs have been created by e-ggs – Mula is refined and smooth with sweeping lines, a large backrest and two stylised side ‘wings’; Iola encapsulates ergonomic design and has comfort at its core; however Mariolina, made from polypropylene, is the king of versatility, adaptable and stackable, comfortable in any surrounds, whether the office, café or conference hall.

Mariolina design by e-ggs

Along with the e-ggs inclusions, Francesco Faccin’s Pelleossa has been created as a more rustic form, inspired by the Italian chairs of pre-industrial times and Claretta Bold by Florian Schmid has been fashioned to reflect a generosity of material and comfort.

Claretta Bold – design by Florian Schmid

Items of Interest

While tables and chairs are ubiquitous, Miniforms has also included other delightful pieces to complement an interior such as the Milonga bookcase by Paolo Cappello. With long legs and a spare form, Milonga is ideal as a partition between rooms or simply placed against a wall and has the capacity to display all manner of books and objéts to optimum effect.

Célia by Miniforms Lab, evokes the Art Deco movement of the 1920s with its fluid lines and decorative motif. As a buffet, Célia’s functionality is supreme but incorporating a silk-screen printed pattern on the ash or walnut frame makes this a standout inclusion within any interior.

Célia – design by Miniforms Lab

Upholstery Dimensions

This year Miniforms presents an outstanding array of upholstered products and again e-ggs has designed an eclectic selection that includes Botera, a gorgeous family of modular upholstered seating components that are curved and plush and able to be configured and re-configured with ease.

Bottera – design by e-ggs

A fine addition to this group is Marino, fully upholstered modular benches that can divide spaces, organise a bistro or complement a hallway; adding colour and pattern to a room is Furoshiki, upholstered padded seats and precise geometries that are visually exciting and eminently usable. Last but not at all least is Shiko, a bed that is solid yet soft with a fully upholstered headboard. Here function and form co-exist to re-design the perfect nights sleep.

But what is a home without an amazing sofa? Well, Lem by Francesco Beghetto fits the bill in sophisticated style and creativity on all levels. With a completely upholstered fabric shell and soft seat and back cushions, the Lem sofa and series (that includes an armchair and ottoman) is utter luxury and impossible to beat for impressive design.

Furoshiki – design by e-ggs

Accessorise to the Max

As with all collections the accessories add pizzazz, and 2020 is a red-letter year for Miniforms. The Ozz light designed by Paolo Cappello is a paragon of style
with a concrete base, lampshade top and a large extended arc between the two ends. Consummate as a pendant light over a dining table or, with a shorter arc, as a wall light, Ozz sets the scene for every interior. Adding a reflective touch, Coque, by Alain Gilles, is a mirror with a ceramic shell that combines a gloss and matt finish; while Paolo Cappello’s Cigales presents as a contemporary stand to showcase greenery and sculpture and becomes a quirky addition either freestanding or attached to a wall.

Ozz – design by Paolo Cappello

In all, the latest Miniforms range is a triumph, a cornucopia of delights that will enhance any and every interior. JRF has been distributing Miniforms since 2015 and each year the collections are impressive, however this year, the range is exceptional. Mini maybe in the name of the brand but there is no doubt that this is design to the max.

Orders can be placed now for the Miniforms 2020 collection with delivery before the end of the year. 

James Richardson Furniture (JRF)


Illo Table – design by Miniforms Lab and Iola Chair – design by e-ggs

Marino – design by e-ggs

Marino – design by e-ggs

Botera – design by e-ggs

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