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Meetia: Where artful design and industrial mastery converge

In the latest collaboration between Ramón Esteve and Actiu, self-assured refinement, satisfying proportions, and industrial craftsmanship meet to bring a new generation of statement seating: Meetia.

Meetia: Where artful design and industrial mastery converge

Ola Moszumanska


June 18th, 2024

Ramón Esteve, a name synonymous with Spanish design, needs little introduction. Recognised as one of the world’s most influential creatives by both Architonic and Forbes, the Valencia-based architect and designer has established himself as an essential figure in the contemporary design landscape. Esteve’s distinct creative language, defined by efficient minimalism, harmonious geometry, and an affinity for refined yet robust materials, has garnered him a following well beyond the Iberian Peninsula.

Meetia, an exquisite collection of statement sofas and armchairs that Esteve created in collaboration with Actiu, is a captivating reflection of this design sensibility. Seamlessly fusing form and function, through Meetia’s harmonious visual language Esteve examines the tension between juxtaposition and synergy, a creative endeavour masterfully realised by Actiu’s outstanding craftsmanship.

With the perimeter of its expansive yet disciplined volumes outlined by the uncompromising sturdiness of the steel frame, each design exudes an air of quiet and reassuring confidence. The industrial rawness of the metal alloy is softened by the structure’s gentle curvature – a result of an innovative, steel-bending manufacturing process. The subtle curves tame the designs’ rectangular forms, while the plush upholstery reads as a generous and comforting invitation to rest.

Through a perfect synergy of artful design vision and industrial craftsmanship, Meetia achieves an exquisite harmony of proportions. The soft and gentle contrasts the robust and the sturdy, while the negative space sketched by the seatings’ steel legs creates an agreeable counterbalance to the solid volumes of the seating itself. The enveloping exterior, available in a range of oak and fabric finishes, highlights the collection’s meticulous commitment to materiality, its impeccable dimensions, and its versatile character.

Meetia evokes a timeless blend of sophisticated creativity and refined reliability, celebrating the potent intersection of design and manufacturing, where the capability of industrial process transcends the role of a maker to become an enabler, an inspiration and perhaps even a creative accomplice. “We have worked together refining the intuition of the initial design that has finally materialised thanks to the industry,” Esteve says. “In Meetia, all the creativity, energy and know-how of both parties converge to give life to a piece that aims to be extremely simple. The interesting thing about it is that it is familiar, but somehow it surprises you.”

This stunning collection is further elevated by the underlying commitment to sustainability. The comprehensive range of single, double, and triple sofas and benches is manufactured with sustainably sourced materials in a production process optimised to minimise Actiu’s carbon footprint. Further enhancing the designs’ enduring character, Meetia has been engineered with replacement and component-led repair front of mind, ensuring an extended service life. This commitment to longevity has also informed the exceptional usability of the collection – Meetia’s inspired fusion of structural sturdiness and welcoming softness have been masterfully designed to foster well-being, and ensure ultimate comfort for years to come.

Defined by a bold, beautifully proportioned architectural expression, a timeless geometry of clean, elegant lines, and the comforting reliability of a raw, steel structure, Meetia isn’t simply furniture – it’s an ingenious embodiment of a shared vision, where artistic expression and industrial mastery converge to create pieces that are both captivating and conscientious. And with a diverse range of colours and textures, this customisable soft seating range is bound to translate any interior design scheme into a confident and unique space – whether it’s a commercial setting, public environment, or the privacy of a residential dwelling.

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