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A tribute to 70s design in the new, abstract universe of Mas Creations

The celebrated design agency Masquespacio transports us to the new, innovative world, full with colour, texture and the curious forms of Mas Creations. Here, “it’s all about being happy and making people enjoy life through design.”

A tribute to 70s design in the new, abstract universe of Mas Creations

Ten years ago, Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse combined their ingenious talents and inventive minds to create Masquespacio. Located in Valencia, the Spanish branding and design agency knows no limits, where their projects seek to challenge our perceptions of reality through a fresh and innovative lens. Similar to many artistic paths, Masquespacio are driven by authenticity, endless possibilities and design’s ability to create a connection unlike any other, taking your brand experience to the next level.

Throughout the years, the design duo’s rebellious spirit continued to grow – a characteristic that stemmed from a vibrant imagination and a sense of playfulness in their childhood years. After designing and creating all types of projects with Masquespacio, the studio’s unconformity with common things fueled their passion to challenge themselves and any preconceptions their clients had of the world.

A decade later, Ana and Christophe wanted to push the boundaries even further and in 2020, they introduce us to Mas Creations.

The new universe of Mas Creations is reminiscent of a futuristic fairy tale. It is an insight into the team’s personal vision of a kaleidoscopic world full of textures, materials and colour dreamt up by local artisans. “About five years ago, after doing some strategies and consultation for local furniture and lighting companies, we started to dream about setting up our own brand one day,” says Christophe.

“The more we reflected on what we were doing, we realised we wanted to continue our journey through a new brand that showcased our personal vision, influenced by a more artistic, expressive approach without any limits.”

The studio’s aim to experiment more prominent now than ever before, resulting in beautiful products that invite you to live new experiences through a joyful and experimental narrative. Launched in a universe that mixes digital artistry with photography, the 3D campaign is inspired by iconic and artists from the 70s. As the creative process development, the environment of Mas Creations slowly evolved within Ana’s dream house as a tribute to her favourite icons.

In this abstract world, there is a tribute to iconic spaces from the past, with the products sitting as an inhabitant of the house, showcasing in illogical spaces such as the bathroom and corridors. This visual narrative is a nod to the materials and colours from Masquespacio, in a refreshed and reinvented graphic style that looks towards the future.

“This is our independent vision of our own universe of colours, textures, forms and materials filled with emotions,” Christophe expresses. “It gives us the opportunity to design and develop what we think about in any given moment. Today, this product can be a furniture piece and tomorrow it can also be a tactile material, a piece of clothing or whatever takes form in our heads. Ana and I are always full of ideas and here, we can innovate and experiment without any limits.”

Mas Creations products are specially handmade by local artisans that Ana and Christophe have given full artistic freedom to explore and play. These designs represent more than just a point of purchase for them – it celebrates the studio’s progress and evolution as designers and everyday thinkers.

As a brand that always wants to surprise their customers, the first edition of products by Mas Creations does not disappoint. The Too Much rocking chair brings a joyful contrast of colourful velvets, marbles and stainless steel that stands out in any interior; designed to let you swing back and forth peacefully. However, Too Much is not your standard commercial chair. From first glance, its Memphis-esque graphic and the steel sculptural form captivates you – reminding you that Mas Creations wasn’t developed to deliver designs and concepts that we’re used to.

“The aim is to develop projects and products that are born from our passion and our heart, which means that we are never going to start designing a new product thinking if it might work in the market or not,” Christophe notes. “Sometimes a collection will be more sophisticated and limited, while other times it can just be a fun, quirky item that everybody is able to enjoy.”

The second product under the Mas Creations name is Ball Pot. Crafted out of wood and marble, this flower pot can sit comfortably on a table or stand tall as a sculpture in any room you put it in. Its globular structure gives you artistic freedom to create the most extraordinary floral arrangement for your home. Not your typical decorative vase, Ball Pot showcases Mas Creations’ independent approach on everyday products – representing a universe that is completely different to what’s already existing.

Since 2010, Ana and Christophe have always created products that provoke emotion and curiosity. Through their impressive resume of projects and artistic works, the creative duo recognises that sometimes, people need to have the opportunity to escape reality for a moment – opening their eyes to a world influenced by graphic design and whimsical ideas. For Mas Creations, their evolving design philosophy lives in a colourful universe, where their products are designed to bring enjoyment and inspiration back to life.

Photography courtesy of Mas Creations. 



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