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The function and charm of Kriskadecor’s chain link solutions

Spain’s Kriskadecor offers architects and interior designers untold design possibilities with their chain link solutions – from space dividers to wall-coverings, ceiling flourishes and more.

The function and charm of Kriskadecor’s chain link solutions

Founded in 1926, the family owned Kriskadecor is driven by a philosophy of innovation, personalization, and passion for servicing the design community, with the team’s chain link solutions giving function and beauty to indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

Continually pushing the boundaries of aesthetics, creativity, and technological advancement, the chain links designed by the team have graced projects from the straightforward to the avant-garde.

The versatility and lightness of the chains make it possible to customise design solutions in colour, shape, and dimensions, facilitating their total integration in any project. Kriskadecor’s chain link solutions are available in both fixed and mobile systems, both a breeze to install.

Thanks to in-house technology and a wide palette of 24 colours in brilliant and satin finishes, the company can reproduce any image, logo, or pattern. Furthermore, the aluminium used in the chain link pieces themselves is 100% recyclable, a perfect material fit for any project that strives to ensure sustainability.

Space Dividers

The chain links can be used to define interior and exterior common areas, to help manage the flow of people or to create subspaces without the need to implement heavy or permanent structures.

Due to the transparency of the links, the dividers function as light walls that guarantee ventilation through the chain, facilitating the renewal of air in closed spaces. Allowing the spaces to be physically separated but socially connected.


Kriskadecor’s chain link solutions can be used to create eye-catching custom ceilings, anything from simple geometries to real sculptures suspended in the air.

This architectural solution makes it possible to produce elegant waves, parallel structures or artistic shapes and volumes, even to recreate the rain effect.


Thanks to the lightness and versatility of Kriskadecor material, the links can be used to produce fixed or mobile custom murals that add a feature wall to any room.

The effect of these wall-coverings is up to the designer; a neutral tone can imbue a space with a sense of calm, while a busy visual flourish can serve as an eye-catching finish for a breakout space, café, or bar.

Indoor Cladding

Kriskadecor creates chain link cascades in one single piece, allowing any area to be transformed into a beautiful space – hotel lobbies and interior patios are particularly well suited to this offering.

From the outside, it looks like a solid surface and provides privacy. From the inside, the transparency of the chain links grants complete visibility. Surprising results can also be achieved when it comes to connecting different floors through stairwells.

Outdoor Cladding

Kriskadecor’s outdoor cladding system has a fully customisable metal surface in size and design, which even allows the reproduction of images or patterns thanks to a wide palette with more than 20 standard colours.

The fixing system is both versatile and discreet, able to be anchored to walls and ceilings easily and quickly. Thanks to the lightness of the links, the company can carry out double-skin facades of any size.

Since 1926, Kriskadecor’s chain link design solutions have been helping architects and designers the world over. The Marriott, Hilton and Mandarin Oriental hotels all benefit from this bespoke offering. Likewise the world-class offices of Google, Paypal, Martini, Starbucks, Tommy Hilfiger, Häagen-Dazs, MAC Cosmetics and many more have used this unique design solution.


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