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Ergonomic Work Tools from CBS

Over 30 years ago, Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS) invented the world’s first monitor arm and disk drive basket to help resolve the increasing ergonomic issues that accompanied working with screen based technology. They’ve been leading the market ever since.

Ergonomic Work Tools from CBS


April 15th, 2012

Technology is changing the way we work. Today, monitors and screen-based work is the norm and touch screens are increasingly being used. Teams come together for collaborative work and in many cases do that around screens.

Monitor arms that are stationary, ie. that do not have a full range of adjustment, do not support new technology or collaborative work very well. In order to accommodate touch screens, monitor arms must have a huge range of adjustment to allow them to be an input device one moment and an output device the next.


There is now a body of evidence that says that adjustable monitor arms play nearly as important a role in maintaining healthful postures at work as an ergonomic chair. That’s because the body will adjust however it needs to in order to put the eyes at the right distance from the work at hand. And the right distance varies depending on the individual.

The individual needs to have the capacity to vary the distance of the eyes from the screen and the height in order to work in an optimal position and avoid muscular discomfort and eye strain. The worker can then change positions freely throughout the day and adjust the monitor accordingly so that it’s always at the height, distance, and angle ideal for focusing.


The award winning Flo™ monitor arm by CBS can be moved to and stopped at almost any position and has a patented Geometric Spring System which allows fingertip control.

The person using Flo simply moves the screen to the desired position and lets go; the screen stays put without having to be locked or tightened to maintain its position. The screen can also be lowered to desktop level and tilted toward the ceiling, making it easier to use as a touch screen, or raised to
standing height to support collaborative work.

Laptop computers are great for mobility but they don’t provide much ergonomic support. When they are used with an external monitor and external input devices, however, workers can experience the productivity that comes from using multiple monitors and the ergonomic benefit of proper placement.


A CBS laptop stand will support the laptop at a height that is good for viewing. It is height adjustable and allows easy access to the connection ports for the external devices on the laptop.

With stats from the US saying that in any given three-month period, more than 25% of adults experience low-back pain and from the UK stating that 3.8 million days are lost due to upper limb or neck disorders, providing tools to avoid these conditions are the key to increased productivity and a more healthful workspace.

Excerpts and research from The Eyes Always Win, Herman Miller, 2011


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