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Built with the utmost care, craft and love: Elan Plus and Skupa

High end joinery and a dedication to refined craftsmanship lie at the heart of Boris Tošić’s work. It comes as no surprise, then, that Tošić’s Elan Plus and Skupa ranges, available at Living Edge, exhibit an exemplary display of timberwork and a unique comprehension of furniture design.

After 30 years in Australia, Boris Tošić has drawn on his combination of Croatian heritage and Australian experiences to release two new collections: Elan Plus and Skupa. The collections, though separate, are linked by Tošić’s exemplary timber craftsmanship and love of the natural material.

“I thought that it’s time to launch something unique, that has got a European undertone to every object, but has got a really strong Australian vernacular because I spent 30 years of my life here working with multiple designers, and my perception got sharpened by virtue of people I surround myself with,” says Tošić.

A collection of tables, stools and shelves from the Skupa collection by Boris Tošić.
The Skupa collection.

Consequently, Skupa was born. Skupa, meaning together in Croatian, is a collection of versatile, playful pieces that work harmoniously alongside each other, or as individual pieces.

Cylindrical legs are the hallmark and namesake of the Skupa Breadstick range, which is designed for the “breaking of bread”.

A collection of benches and stools with cylindrical legs by Boris Tošić.
Skupa Breadstick Benches, Gallery Benches and Spula Stools.

Meanwhile, Skupa also contains a range of vases designed with Japanese joins – a feature seen in Japanese boat-making – where each join fully overlaps its neighbour. The Stadion Bowl is a formidable addition to the collection; its amphitheatre-like shape is an unexpected and contemporary take on the fruit bowl.

Skupa hits the perfect mid-ground between statement and subtle, with pieces designed to stand out in a timeless manner. The collection includes dining tables, bench seating, desks, coffee tables, day beds, shelving units and accessories.

Two ampitheatre-like square bowls in pale and dark wood, on a round red table by Boris Tošić.
Skupa Stadion Bowls on the Breadstick Round Table in red.

Elan Plus, on the other hand, embraces more classic forms with practical pieces that champion quality, detail and tactility. The collection includes Grid Shelving, a uniform display of modular shelving with optional flexible inserts. It’s versatility means it can be utilised as a bookshelf, display cabinet, or as a partition wall – as seen in the Living Edge Sydney showroom.

Elan Plus and Skupa are connected by craftsmanship. Tošić is drawn to the enduring qualities of timber, and forms timeless designs that honour this aspect of the materiality. 

An Eames chair in front of the Elan Plus Grid Shelving designed by Boris Tošić.
Elan Plus modular Grid Shelving.

“I always have an enduring love of timber because it’s very tactile. You sand it, you caress it, to build with the utmost care and craft and love, so it’s a very kind act,” says Tošić. 

The immense appreciation of Boris Tošić’s master craftsmanship runs through the core of his company:

“What’s unique about Elan is the passion that Boris has driven the business with. His love of design, of materials, and just this desire to produce brilliant work that looks good, feels good, and that people love to have in their home,” says Elan Construct general manager Greg Openshaw.

Elan Plus Morse Shelving.

“There’s a dedication that flows through the business that’s as a result of his personality and the level of care and love that can be directly attributed to him,” adds Boris’ son and Elan director, Luke Tošić.

Having worked with Tošić for many years – including on the brand’s own showrooms – Living Edge are stockists of the Australian-made collections.

“This collaboration is a lovely step for Living Edge,” says Living Edge’s Jo Mawhinney. “I feel that there’s a strong collaboration for the future with his sons, which is really exciting as we get to know them.”

Find out more about Elan Plus and Skupa at Living Edge.

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