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The best of both worlds: How the new Corian® Multi-basin Washplane combines two innovations

CASF announces the launch of the New Multi-basin Washplanes: a bathroom solution that truly does combine the best of both worlds!

The best of both worlds: How the new Corian® Multi-basin Washplane combines two innovations

The product research and development teams at Corian® Design, have always stayed true to the brand’s commitment to uncover new opportunities for design innovation to offer the architecture and design community cutting-edge design powered by advanced technology solutions. They’ve always known that excellent design frees our day-to-day from hassle, and since day one the brand continues to ensure that the Corian® high-tech and high-performance solid surface can bring exceptional functionality – and an equal degree of aesthetic panache – to all manner of projects along the residential to commercial spectrum.

Being solutions-focused in this manner allows Corian® Design to really put end-users first – and this colours all aspects of the brand’s service and product development initiatives. This is why, in 2017, Corian® launched The Bathroom Solution alongside Dyson to offer architects and designers a tool for sourcing bathroom technologies that take form and function to the next level. An all-inclusive product design approach ensures that they can deliver, time and again, on the brand’s three-part promise: supreme hygiene, advanced cleanliness and seamless functionality.

To this end, Corian® Design launches their next bathroom solution:

The New Corian® Multi-basin Washplane Collection

The Multi-basin Washplane Design Concept

As we continue to see the ‘domestification’ of commercial projects increase in demand, so too have the design requirements of commercial bathrooms taken on aspects one would more commonly expect to find in the home. Following consistent collaborative feedback from commercial clients, the Corian® Design team decided to reimagine the traditional channel-style washplane to become closer aligned with this increased demand for the aesthetic profile and functional experience of individual washbasins. Enter the brand’s new multi-basin Washplane range. In combining the best of both worlds, however, significant opportunities for injecting a quality of luxuriousness into the new washplanes quickly revealed themselves.

Combining the spatial economy of individual washbasins with the functional aspects of slanted washplanes (not to mention the prospect for incorporating better surface benchtop space) we see in channel-style designs, the new multi basin washplanes are well suited to projects in both the residential and commercial sectors – and everything in between!

Minimising joins, gaps and crevices usually present in individual washbasins, the new collection’s integration of a slanting washplane and a slim-basin design achieves a new level of health and cleanliness by minimising the possibilities for water collection and, thus, bacterial cultures. In fact, while in the direction of achieving more visual continuity, this design provides both a more streamlined degree of cleanliness and more options for designers looking to create a holistic design language throughout bathroom spaces. What’s more, as part of the Corian® offering, benchtops can be specified in any colour available from the Corian® range to bring about greater horizons of design freedom and flexibility.



The Advanced Partnership

Working alongside one of the brand’s long-time collaborators – Dyson – the new Corian® washplane designs have innovated the bathroom space, partnering seamlessly with Dyson’s Airblade™ Taps to maintain high levels of efficiency, cleanliness and significantly reduce maintenance in commercial environments where traffic is, naturally, very high. Being 35 per cent quieter in use, the new Dyson Airblade™ Tap harnesses the power of modern design, streamlining efficiency and greatly cutting reliance on paper towels. With clear sustainability benefits achievable, not only can specifiers ensure environmentally-aware solutions for their clients’ bathroom needs, but in taking into account the whole-of-life costing aspect of the Corian® multi-basin range, the brand has been able to provide advanced integrity and durability to ensure value being passed through the chain to facilities managers responsible for commercial assets in situ.

With the new Corian® multi-basin washplane collection, the brand recognises that bathroom solutions just got a whole lot more personal. To find out more about the new Corian® multi-basin washplanes, read more here.


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