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Come See THE Design That Wowed Spain’s Royal Family @ SID17!

Mario Ruiz’ MR Chair is joining us at SID17 thanks to your friends at Schiavello! Want to find out how MR Chair made the Spanish Prince ‘royally’ excited? Read on, my friend – read on.

Come See THE Design That Wowed Spain’s Royal Family @ SID17!

Mario Ruiz: MR Chair

I wouldn’t dare bring this up in a conversation with anyone not involved in the design industry. It’d be met with laughs and derision. BUT, it’s a feeling that I know we all share. So, here we go…

Do you remember the first time you sat in a shell chair? Remember that feeling of comfort, ease, simplicity? The feeling, that is, of design that has humility, that is equally modest and confident, that ultimately is designed ‘for us’. The shell chair is rightly an icon of design history, one of our foremost examples of fitting the tools to the body rather than shoehorning the body into the tools. A design so simple, so perfectly shaped to the curvature of the spine, the uprightness of the torso (and detracting our wanton habit of slouching). You probably encountered your first shell chair on your first day of school – stacked at the back of the classroom, towering above your 3.5ft 6 year old self.


Well, that memory is about to be outdone!


Thanks to Mario Ruiz – one of the contemporary design world’s leading influencers – the classic shell chair has been given a new lease on life! Much like the history of the shell chair’s dynamic and fuss-free form, Ruiz’s inimitable design sensibility cherishes the discreet simplicity of vital shapes, timeless sculptural gestures and modest brevity. And it’s a recipe for design success that has captured the attention of Europe’s elite.

After being recently awarded the National Design Prize by the Spanish Royal Family for his ongoing contribution to the richness of Spain’s design culture, Ruiz’s design philosophy remains indisputably poignant:


“During the last 8 years, there has been a revolution in the way of working. Workers were previously more specialised and now the most valued are those who are able to solve tasks in different places and who interact well with other workers. […] MR Chair’s suite of options for the frame, the cushioning and the shell colour add up to 75 possible variants through which designers can respond to the particular functional and stylistic requirements of their project.”


MR Chair dynamically reinterprets the classic shell chair for the contemporary commercial world, and in 75 different design variants no less! Powered by an overarching desire to ensure that comfort and intelligence remain at the forefront of A+D’s pursuit, the MR Chair exemplifies the scope of flexibility which contemporary design can achieve if only we continue to respond thoughtfully to changing cultural landscapes. Within the space of a generation, the commercial sector has shrugged off the affectations of leading through expertise and, instead, attempts to instil a generalist philosophy of collaboration and broad skill-set development. Consequently, never has flexibility, modularity and the tenets of agility in the workspace been in higher demand.


Now, one of Australia’s reigning queens of A+D reinterprets Ruiz’s design for Sydney Indesign 2017!


Adele Bates and Schiavello come together to present the MR Chair for SID17.

With over 12 years of experience as an Interior Designer, Adele Bates is recognised for her unsurpassed passion and unflagging innovation. As an active member within the design community and a council member within the Design Institute of Australia, her experience lies in many project typologies from residential, multi-residential, hospitality, retail, workplace and education.

As the director of her eponymous practice, Adele continues to create a truly collaborative portfolio of projects that has design editors scrambling for exclusive rights of coverage (myself included!). Now joining Schiavello to present the MR Chair for SID17, Adele’s installation showcases the versatility inherent in Ruiz’s design intent. Whether in dining spaces, home offices, training settings, outdoor spaces – the MR Chair was crafted with flexibility and was designed in response to the revolutionary changes occurring worldwide in workplace. Connecting and clicking with friends, employees and family is becoming more important as working spaces are closer to home atmospheres and company values and identity are ranking ahead of salary.

Schaivello invites you to ‘click’ with MR Chair and to possibly win one of your very own!

Simply take a photo with the Adele Bates x Schiavello MR Chair display at SID17, share on Instagram and tag @schiavellogroup and #MRChair to be in the running.



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