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Combination Steam – The Oven Of the Future

The benefits of steamed food not only impress star chefs and the savvy foodie – the ingredients are cooked sous-vide, vacuumed with no loss of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and Gaggenau’s combi-steam oven range brings sous-vide cooking into the home!


September 5th, 2017

The beauty of cooking with steam at consistent and relatively low temperatures from 50°C to 95°C, means the natural flavour of the food is retained in a deeper way than any other method of cooking. This is why chefs, cooking connoisseurs, and gourmet aficionados alike praise this method for the unrivalled texture of the cooked food – and it’s now available for the designer kitchen at home.

Since the successful international launch of the world’s first Combi-steam oven for private use, Gaggenau has continued to develop its industry leading steam-cooking technology, a development realized fully in the 400 series Combi-steam ovens.

“Gaggenau has been regarded as the pioneer in the field of steam cooking since becoming the first manufacturer over 15 years ago to offer private kitchens the combination of steam and hot air cooking, hitherto found only in the professional sector,” comments Sven Schnee, Head of Global Brand Gaggenau

“The fully automatic cleaning system is another path-breaking innovation. It makes healthy cooking, grilling and gratins even more attractive because the tiresome chore of manual cleaning is dispensed with completely. Gaggenau focuses on exclusive culinary culture and conscious enjoyment.”

In-line with the Gaggenau aesthetic of the traditional avant-garde, the Combi-steam ovens pair beautifully with any number of the existing suite of Gaggenau designer ovens. For a designer, the benefit of this is clear. The beloved aesthetics of the Gaggenau range, one where the classics of design rest alongside advanced technology, mean a suitable fit for any kitchen. From the cozy food lover’s haven, to the larger kitchen of an entertaining would-be chef.

In a Combi-steam oven, the efficiency of pressureless steam can be combined with traditional hot air cooking – meaning an oven can do just about everything in the kitchen. Imagine a leg of succulent roast pork, cooked to perfection with steam, alongside the crackling crisped to perfection with hot air and a full surface grill… you would be hard pressed finding a kitchen where this is not a hugely appealing sell.

The accompanying vacuuming drawer that can be paired with the 60cm 400 series Combi-steam oven  is designed for an assortment of preparations, enabling quick and convenient sealing of fish, meat, vegetables and fruit. Perfectly suited for sous-vide cooking, it can also be used for marinating and extending storage. It is less a question of when you would use it and more a question of when you would not.

The Gaggenau range offers a number of different models of Combi-steam ovens in the 400 series and 200 series with options for left hand or right hand hinged door openings – so if you’re designing for a kitchen that’s ready to take on the next revolution in home cooking, it’s time to embrace the magic of sous-vide – Bon Appétit!

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