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Designing a neighbourhood for the office with BuzziVille

BuzziVille is a collection of modular desks, walls and furniture that you can adapt to the needs of your office space and just like building a cityscape, BuzziVille provides all the necessary components to shape the ideal working quarter.


August 12th, 2015

The walls of the BuzziVille are covered with sound-absorbent felt to regulate the acoustics of a busy modern office. BuzziVille allows the creation of the best possible working climate in any shared space.

BuzziVille, from Zenith Interiors, offers the possibility to create a small village or neighborhood in the office, fostering the life and interaction that goes with these. Like architects creating the master plans of cities, BuzziVille is a tool for companies and people living in open space offices.

It is a very flexible and freestanding modular system that can easily be rearranged and customized when needs and interactions change in a company; when it grows or when moves to different premises.


The general logic of the modularity is very simple: one can play with three different sizes of spaces, and two different heights. It all comes down to the use and the size that one wants for a specific task. Each type of space can become a high or low desk, a meeting space with a couch, or an empty space that can be used for anything!

To build these dynamic modular spaces, only a small amount of modules are needed. People can easily connect these modules together thanks to a hidden hook system.

Thanks to the innovative connections between meeting and workspaces, the BuzziVille is a tool for architects and office planers to open up new possibilities, and open up the office.

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