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Portable Compactable

Esther Stewart’s exhibition pieces are functional furniture fittings that change the space surrounding them.

BY jesse

December 15th, 2010

“I am interested in the ways in which an artwork activates spaces and alters the way in which we inhabit a space,” says Esther Stewart of her Portable Compactable series for Craft Victoria’s Fresh! 2010 exhibition.

The sculptural pieces are made of sheet timber which can be folded and manoeuvred into a shelving unit or, in one case, a dog kennel.


“Each work reflects back on the space in which it is located, and draws the viewer’s focus to a particular element of how the architecture operates and dictates one’s interaction,” explains Esther.

The installation reflects Esther’s interest in portable architecture. They represent objects that are decorative, functional and interact with their surroundings.

“My works are not static,” says Esther. “My intention is that they exist between painting, sculpture and relief.”

Craft Victoria’s Fresh! Exhibition runs from 3-24 December 2010 at Melbourne’s Flinders Lane.

Craft Victoria

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