Why We Are Obsessed With Cabin by DesignByThem

Cabin is the latest release by Sydney-based DesignByThem founders Sarah Gibson and Nicholas Karlovasitis – otherwise known by their cool new portmanteau: GibsonKarlo. The new collection of armchairs, lounges, ottomans and booth-style structures uses a series of upholstered log modules, exploring geometric forms to create playful and personable pieces for the office or home. We chat to Sarah and Nicholas about their intriguing design.

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From the moment Gibson and Karlovasitis began doing their research they realised that they wanted to develop something that moved away from lounges becoming commoditised in form and lacking in personality. “We wanted to push ourselves to do something that was bolder in terms of design, especially for our first upholstered range. We wanted it to be unmistakably identified as uniquely our design, a product by DesignByThem and for it to set the tone of our design direction in our tenth year of business as an Australian furniture brand,” Gibson notes.

Initially the concept started as a single, oversized tube that was bent to create the base and backrest. However this idea fell flat, with the design lacking modularity. Still wanting to play with the round geometric form, they thought of ways that it could be used instead to build up the seat. It was at this point with the conception of the seat being “built” that the design began referencing log cabins. In wanting the Cabin range to be modular and adaptable, GibsonKarlo designed a system of construction that allowed for the components to be stacked on top of each other, so that it could be easily adapted for different lengths, depths and heights as demand required and with stocked components.

“It all began with a series of cylinders. We then deconstructed the cabin arrangement into a lounge and armchair, experimenting with various diameters until we found a size that was comfortable for both the back and armrests,” Gibson explains. “The inspiration for the design came from the simple intersecting patterns found in log cabin construction. We wanted to reference this and apply the cylindrical geometries to create a playful range that was welcoming, flexible, distinctive and had a sense of character”.

With a selection of deluxe fabrics and leathers and the option for custom designs, GibsonKarlo has provided a range of fabric and leather price points that all maintain the same high quality.