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Herman Miller is a globally recognised leader in design. Since its inception in 1905, the company’s innovative, problem-solving designs and furnishings have inspired the best in people. Herman Miller is guided by an enduring legacy of design, innovation, and social good.


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Steelcase WorkLife Showroom, photography by Dianna Snape

Devote your Saturday to mastering workplace design

This Saturday in Sydney, leading workplace brands bring you the latest design intel on the rapidly changing workplace sector.

Introducing your 2022 Saturday Indesign speakers

Catch up with some of our industry’s top talents at this year’s Saturday Indesign speaker series.

All you need to know about Alexandria Precinct at Saturday Indesign

Alexandria has grown to become one of Saturday Indesign’s largest precincts. On Saturday 21 May, we’ll immerse you in the best design the precinct has to offer.

Find your rhythm with OE1 Workplace

As the constant state of change becomes a fixed feature in the modern workplace, the ongoing shifts can be as unsettling as they are exciting. But not with the OE1 Workplace. This innovative collection empowers employers, teams, individuals and designers to find their rhythm in the fluidity of the modern workplace.

Time to get book smart: The design talks happening Saturday Indesign

Here’s a run-down of the panel discussions happening on Saturday 21 May at Saturday Indesign. Start filling your calendar, because they are all free!

Learning, customisations and the death of the Death Star: Future of work part #2

From the correlation between the way we learn and our working preferences and the death of ‘corporate starships’, to the all-important sense of temporary ownership in an environment of constant change – in the second part of “The Future of Work” we explore further shifts that define the evolution of the workplace.

Where to go, what to do – your editors’ guide to Saturday Indesign 2022

Creative design interventions, relationship building, knowledge sharing – Saturday Indesign has it all. Coming up Saturday 21 May in Sydney, Saturday Indesign has something for everyone. We get you started with our top 10 picks.

The who’s who: Saturday Indesign’s exhibitor meetup

With a month to go until Saturday Indesign 2022, our famous exhibitor meetup returned for a warm up before the real thing!

The Byne System: Flexible workplace specification made easy

Herman Miller, the unquestionable leader in workplace design, once again brings the signature fusion of their research capability and insightful design ethos to the (work) table with a new, all-in-one system developed to make creating agile environments easy.

The wait is over! Saturday Indesign 2022 exhibitors announced

Saturday Indesign is back for 2022 with a lineup of exhibitors opening the doors to Sydney’s best showrooms

How does architecture shape employment? The INDE.Awards’ Work Space reveals all

What will The Work Space category of INDE.Awards reveal to us in 2022? Last year it shone a light on the changing standard of workspaces and commercial design. Here’s what past shortlisters and category partner, Herman Miller, have to share.

Key advice for building a fluid workplace: Future of work part #1

From the polycentric model and upside-down buildings to the allure of whimsy and celebration of utility. Three top designers tell us how workplace design is responding to the fluid reality of work.

ANZ Open House

Here are 5 destinations where people just happen to work

We visit five cutting-edge, Australian-designed workplaces that will make your forget what work looks like.

Work life meets park life with this Hot Black workplace concept

Hot Black’s “atemporal” architectural concept has been recognised as a Top Design in Herman Miller’s Workplace Redefined – The Design Challenge. Here’s what Hot Black put forward.

slab herman miller work redefined

SLAB dreams big for tomorrow’s Social Office to win Herman Miller’s design challenge

SLAB wins Work, Redefined – The Design Challenge with a Kit Of Pods for the Social Office. This 3-D printed off-the-shelf product is both a solution and a strategy that puts people at the centre of the new socially-driven workplace.

Living Office by Living Edge

Flexible, Creative, Diverse – the new Living Office

In Living Edge’s new Sydney Living Office, work is sensitively blended into the beautiful furniture showcases. It’s a dynamic destination that serves as a specification hub, and the central headquarters for the Living Edge team.

Australia’s top design minds compete to envisage the future workplace

It’s the million-dollar question: what does the future of work look like? Herman Miller has put it to Australia’s top design minds to conceptualise what that future might look like, in its inaugural ‘Work, Redefined’ design challenge.

75 years of Eames LCW, the chair that broke the mould

The story behind the industry’s beloved chair is as iconic as Eames LCW itself. And so as we celebrate the diamond jubilee of one of Herman Miller’s most emblematic designs, we look back at Charles and Ray Eames’ experiment that saw an inventive response to a wartime need become one of the most influential objects of modern design.

Life saving design by Herman Miller

Actions speak louder than words, as Herman Miller sets a new agenda for sustainability, advocating for the health of our oceans.

The world’s best work chair just got better

With the re-release of their most acclaimed performance chair, Herman Miller boosts Aeron’s sustainability credentials – and proves that perfection can, in fact, be improved upon.



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