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Big Ass Fans

In 1999, the Big Ass Fan Company was born. Kind of. Then called the HVLS Fan Co. (that’s High Volume, Low Speed—catchy, right?), we first made our mark selling massive ceiling fans that spun slowly but moved astounding amounts of air. The fans kept large spaces that lacked air conditioning, such as factories and dairy barns, feeling cool and comfortable—and soon enough, plenty of other customers wanted in. Things moved fast after that (and kept moving). Only a few years later, we officially changed our name after customers kept calling and asking if we made “those big-ass fans.” When churches wanted to install fans to keep congregations comfortable, we developed the first silent fan motor to meet their needs.

We created a residential fan that blew away ENERGY STAR® ratings and won awards worldwide. In 2014, we had the bright idea to create an LED fixture made of heavy-duty anodized, extruded aluminium so it can handle whatever you can dish out, launching a division appropriately called Big Ass Light™.

Soon we automated personal comfort by adding SenseME® technology to our residential fans. In 2016, we launched a new division — Haiku Home — to transform the home through cutting edge technology, iconic design and effortless conservation.

And we’ve backed everything with serious research, intensive engineering, and an almost obsessive drive to innovate and improve. No matter what we’re doing, we go Big Ass every single day, and we’re not stopping.

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Big Ass Fans We make really big fans, lights & other awesome stuff.

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