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Raffles College of Design and Commerce is part of the Raffles Education Corporation, Asia-Pacific’s premier creative design and business education provider.



April 1st, 2014

Above: Conceptual interior design : “Dream” by Carla Montgomery, BDes.

Since establishing its first college in Singapore in 1990, the group has grown to operate 31 colleges in 29 cities across 12 countries (as of March 2014) in the Asia-Pacific region. RCDC has been established within the education sector, a prelude to a prestigious presence within the global creative economies.

From fashion design and visual communication through to photography, commerce and business, Raffles offers courses in both undergraduate and post graduate levels to a diverse range of students.

The Raffles Interior Design programme teaches students about spaces and the needs of the people that occupy them. Interior designer students work in three-dimensions and need to consider space allocation, building services, traffic flow, furniture, fixtures and surface finishes. The designer not only works on the aesthetic, but also the functional, social, safety and cultural aspects of the environment.

The interior design course will give you the confidence and skill you need to really make a difference in this booming discipline. A successful interior designer needs to understand the technical requirements of a project, as well as have good interpersonal communication skills and management strategies. This major will teach you an appreciation of design, lighting and colour, and provide you with technical skills to create unique spaces.

You’ll learn to convert your ideas from conceptual drawings to detailed building specifications and technical drawings of practical projects which will challenge you to find creative, functional solutions to a variety of briefs. There is a very good balance between the theories that underpin the understanding and articulation of design ideas and concepts, and the hands-on practical application of those theories.

Conceptual interior design : “Dream” by Carla Montgomery, BDes.

To fully support you, we provide the appropriate building, construction and communication technologies to give you the confidence needed to have an impact on your professional world. From awkward domestic spaces to vast shopping malls, interior design is a diverse and global discipline which can take you and your talent wherever you want to go.

Carla Montgomery, a Raffles Graduate, has recently completed her Major Project, ‘Dream’.

“The concept behind my Major Project, Dream, came from the desire to create a space that would evoke the sense of a dream-like sequence” Montgomery, comments, “The unassuming context, the questioning of what you were seeing and experiencing and the afterthought of trying to make sense of what you just encountered. From the moment you enter the space, you are given glimpses into what may lie ahead, encouraging you to start to create your own story or dream, to what it may be. You are then encouraged to explore further and deeper until you have reached somewhat of a conclusion to what your story or dream may be. But like most dreams, leave still questioning what has just occurred.

“When designing the space I looked at it from both a horizontal and vertical sense. I wanted people not only to look straight ahead, but also to look up and down and across and beyond, to elicit different visual stories whenever your eyes glance across the room. To begin a conversation was the intended script for the end user, for people to discuss what they saw, how they felt, what they thought it meant, in the way you can find yourself discussing with a friend the dream you had last night and trying to make sense of it together.

“Since graduating I am currently working at Space Furniture whilst completing my Master of Design on a part-time basis. To delve further into the design industry, I am taking on opportunities for experience, at places such as Siren Design and BVN Donovan Hill, and consulting on small private projects. As a designer I believe it’s important to be constantly moving forward and immersing yourself in whatever you can to develop as a professional designer. I’m now immersing myself in whichever opportunities come my way to work towards becoming an integral part of the Interior Design world.”


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