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Personalizing your interior: how to decorate your walls with style

There are a few different methods you can use to approach a wall remodel. Here’s an outline of each one, their options, and their costs.

Personalizing your interior: how to decorate your walls with style

Juliet Taylor


March 24th, 2022

The design potential of walls is often overlooked in home decoration. Walls can be the most important design feature of a space – in a positive and negative way. Empty space can be a great way to highlight other design accessories, such as colourful accents, rugs or statement furniture.

However, too much negative space can make a room feel cold and sterile. There is a delicate balance to strike here as you want to create a warm and inviting space without overdecorating. This challenge is part of what makes wall decoration so fun; it is an area where you get to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to design problems.

Wall decoration ideas are an important feature of a personalized home. Wall decoration can add texture, visual intrigue, and colour. Sometimes wall decoration can have practical benefits as well, such as a mirror in the entryway to quickly check your appearance before leaving the house, or a calendar on the wall with the important events for the month clearly marked.

Above all, wall decoration provides a medium for the inhabitants of the house to express something about their personalities, their lives, and their design preferences. A photo wall full of family pictures, a hand-painted mural, or even just a plain white wall can communicate a lot about a person and the type of household they live in. This is what makes creativity such an important part of wall decoration, because your ideas need to be tailored to the atmosphere you want to create.

Current trends in wall décor are as diverse as they are popular. Art is taking its time in the spotlight, with everything from wall galleries, single feature pieces, and murals seeing a boom in popularity over the past few years.

Wall décor ideas seem to be focused on thinking outside the box, with many interior designers playing with texture and subverting traditional design practices. If you are looking for some inspiration to help form your own ideas on how to decorate a wall, consult the list below for an overview on some of the best methods of wall decoration currently in style.

Wall Décor Ideas: 3 different design methods of wall decoration

3. Art

As mentioned earlier, art has become a hugely popular feature of wall decoration. This is possibly due to its variety; beautiful art exists in almost every theme and style imaginable, so there is always an abundance of choice when it comes to picking pieces that will style well with your home. Here are a few ways you can use art to decorate your walls.

A) Feature Piece

One fairly traditional method of wall decoration is to have a single, eye grabbing piece of art that serves as the main design feature of your room décor. Though the presentation style may be traditional, the art itself can be whatever you like – contemporary, extravagant, experimental, modern, impressionist.

Perhaps you might want something like this modernist art piece to create a bold and sophisticated atmosphere in your living room. (Available here for $543.27 SGD). Or, if you want something a little more textured, you could try this handmade oil painting to bring a tactile element into the room ($227.51).

B) Gallery Wall

This is another option for lovers of art to display their variety of favourite styles and colours. A gallery wall creates personality and actually allows you to make art from art. The best strategy is to find various art designs which complement each other but are not too similar. This will make the wall feel linked by a common theme, but avoid it appearing boring or monotonous.

Some great small paintings to start off your wall gallery collection are these ones by Love Décor Art, available here for $69.89 in multiple frames and unique designs.

Another option is the collection of bedroom hanging wall art paintings pictured earlier, available here.

C) Hand Painted Mural

Painting something special on your walls by hand is a great way to leave your mark on the room. It gives you a lot of creative freedom and is inexpensive given that the only real cost is the cost of the paint. (Of course, if you don’t trust your creative skills you can always purchase a stick-on mural online for a little bit more).

Painting your own mural will give you a sense of pride in the wall and help you to create your own atmosphere, as well as remind you of the good times – especially if you ask friends to help out.

2. Feature walls

Another great way to make use of the wall space is to install a feature wall! These are perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and even dining rooms. A feature wall is an excellent idea to add texture and mix materials within the home. There are a few different options, each with their own unique appeal.

A) Timber

Tiber is one of the cheaper options for a feature wall. You can buy cladding or a complete wall panel to give your décor a rustic theme. The timber feature wall pictured above is available here for $150.90.

B) Stone

Stone cladding is a slightly more expensive choice, but adds a fairytale quality to any room. You can purchase the stone wall cladding pictured above here for $200.51.

1. Texture

Playing with texture is an inventive way to layer the visual appeal of your home. Some emerging trends in texture experimentation include:

A) Fabric

Fabric tapestries and art are hugely popular at the moment for their simple beauty. It is also a fun DIY project if you want to make something for yourself. You can purchase the hanging bohemian tapestry pictured above here for $133.65.

B) Plants

A plant wall or a wall hanging planter is a beautiful way to bring a little nature inside your home. You can buy hanging planters like the ones pictured above here to begin your design journey with fresh, natural décor.

Plants have a multitude of benefits as well – read here to find out more about how plants can improve mental health, concentration and even purify the air inside your home. For more hanging planter options, see here for some of the best and most affordable hanging planters on the market.

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