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Platform beds: an innovative design for the modern household

Platform beds are often confused with loft and regular beds. Here’s how to tell them apart.

Platform beds: an innovative design for the modern household

Juliet Taylor


March 24th, 2022

The main difference between a platform bed and a regular bed is that platform beds do not require box springs. The ‘platform’ is a type of bed frame on a sturdy base foundation which holds the mattress up using either slats, metal, or a solid sheet.

It provides a flat, solid surface upon which the mattress will fit; unlike regular box-spring beds, this platform is especially suited to memory foam mattresses. A platform bed is also usually low profile – the average amount of lift that they give your bed is approximately 12 inches off the ground.

Platform beds are often confused for loft beds, but they are actually very different. Loft beds are elevated towards the ceiling, while platform beds are typically very low to the ground. Platform beds are easier to get into and have practical benefits such as accessibility, because they are much easier to make in the morning than loft beds.

Loft beds have a slight advantage when it comes to storage, because you can essentially have a whole extra room underneath a loft bed. They also tend to be a more impressive bed, because they are not as common as platform beds. For more information on loft beds, you can read an overview about the styles, trends, and best brands here.

Platform beds are one of the most popular bed styles, gaining much attention in recent years. They were originally used in Ancient Egypt, but have become a streamlined part of modern bedroom design that has swept from the USA to Australia to Singapore.

This is because platform beds have a sleek, contemporary look which compliments minimalistic modern designs. They are also more stable than traditional beds and often have better storage, with many platform beds containing storage drawers underneath their frames.

The height of a platform bed can sometimes be a challenge. Given that it is so low to the ground, this can actually make it harder for people with limited mobility to comfortably get in and out of bed.

If you have concerns about the ease of regularly getting into bed, it might be a good idea to try and test out the bed in person before purchasing it (to get a sense of how suited it is for your mobility level). However, if this is not a concern for you, the low-set of a platform bed is a stylish and comfortable way to make your room seem more spacious.

Three design trends which are pioneering the popularity of platform beds are: minimalism, rustic, and bohemian. Each of these styles has its own distinctive take on platform beds and how they can brighten a room. If you are considering purchasing a platform bed, it might be a good idea to look at the many different styles of platform beds and start to compile a Wishlist.

Once you know the design elements that you find most appealing, you can start to narrow down the potential beds for purchase. Another way to streamline your options is to start searching by size. Platform beds come in all of the standard sizes like single, twin, double, full, king and queen – perfect for kids and adults.

To help you get started, here is a list of 5 beautiful platform bed designs currently available for purchase. Hopefully they inspire your new bedroom!

Top 5 Platform Bed Ideas for Modern Homes

5. Journey East: District Eight Distrikt Bed

Journey East is one of the titans of Singapore’s furniture industry, going toe to toe with such iconic brands as IKEA. As such, you know that this bed is guaranteed to be high quality and last for many years. A wooden platform bed is a beautiful way to maintain the elegant Scandinavian simplicity that makes a room feel clean and organized.

This bed is available here from Journey East for $4,765 SGD. It comes in both King and Queen sizes, and you can choose either Hard Fumed or Charred oak colours. The dimensions of this bed are: 238cm (Queen) / 269 cm (King) long  x  216cm deep  x  81cm high.

4. Soul & Tables: Burger Bed

This platform bed is designed to appear floating, which makes the room feel even larger by cutting down on the unnecessary bulk of the bed frame. It has adjustable slats with four positions to choose from. A bed like this creates a romantic and contemporary atmosphere where form and function are one and the same.

You can purchase it from Soul & Tables here for $2,425. It has a width of 161cm, a depth of 211cm and a height of 39cm. The mattress is not included and the recommended mattress size for this bed is one with a thickness of 30.5cm.

3. Teako: ADACHI Japanese Style Solid Wood Tatami Oak

The minimalistic simplicity of this gorgeous Japanese-inspired design encapsulates everything that is great about platform beds. It is neat, understated and elegant. Its positioning close to the ground makes the rest of the room seem larger, brighter and taller.

This bed is a lovely addition to any home and can be purchased here for $2,199. It comes in multiple sizes, but the default is 1200mm x 2000mm.

2. Beds And Basics: Aube Wooden Drawer Storage Bed

This bed is a standout for its design, with storage compartments on either side and even underneath the mattress itself. It is also one of the most affordable high quality platform beds available, starting at just $399.00.

However, prospective buyers should note that it is Japan Sized, and will fit best with a Japanese-style mattress.

It comes in a vast array of different colours such as natural timber, white, ash grey, dark brown, and black.

This bed is 70cm high x 212.5cm deep. You can find it online here at the Beds & Basics website.

1. Castlery: Joseph Bed, Walnut

The moody and sophisticated design of this semi-raised platform bed is sleek and modern. It is a gorgeous piece to enhance the maturity of a bedroom, and the engineered wood gives it a classic twist.

At only $1,199, this beautiful bed is also relatively affordable. You can purchase it here in Queen or King sizes. The headboard also comes in Fabric and Bouclé. The dimensions of this bed are: 259.2cm W x 210.6 D x 100cm H.

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