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The best portable building manufacturers in Australia

The freedom portable buildings provide creates an opportunity that many homeowners are starting to recognise.

The best portable building manufacturers in Australia

Juliet Taylor


September 30th, 2022

What are portable buildings?

A portable building is a structure which has been designed with transportation in mind. The most common example of Australian portable buildings are the demountable buildings found in many public schools. However, transportable buildings have a number of benefits that are likely to make them more popular over the coming years.

The first recorded portable building in history was built in 1961. It was developed by Donald Shephard in the UK’s city of York. Since then many portable building manufacturers have tried their hand in the transportable building trade. Portable homes provide a unique revenue opportunity in that you can sell them on or lease them out out over temporary periods. The original portable home was designed for hire by a construction company.

Benefits of portable houses

There are a number of reasons why portable housing has become so popular, especially under the recent conditions of the housing market.

1. Affordability

The primary attraction of portable buildings is their affordability. Any form of transportable building usually costs around half as much as its traditional counterpart. Basic three-bedroom homes usually start around $53,400. Portable rooms and small portable offices can be much cheaper.

2. Investment opportunity

Portable dwellings provide an easy way to collect revenue. They will also give you longevity, because you can take them with you if you decide to sell land. Renting out your portable buildings as AirBnB properties or a granny flat in your backyard is an excellent way to generate some reliable extra income.

3. Increases your estate value

Portable homes provide extra bedrooms and bathrooms to your home. This is perfect for families who want extra guest spaces or a private room for their older children.

4. Easy to re-sell

Another benefit of portable housing is that you are not chained to it in the same way that you are stuck with traditional homes after purchase. If you change your mind or decide you no longer have need for portable accommodation, you can easily sell it on to the next person. You can do this without having to sell the land or lose much money in the process. Many people are eager for second hand portable buildings because the travelling costs are much lower than trying to transport a regular home.

Types of portable buildings

1. Portable office

portable office site demountable

Portable site offices are common for commercial reasons. They are great for businesses that are just starting out, or to provide a temporary workplace while the regular workplace is uninhabitable (for renovations, office hunting, or other reasons). Portable office buildings often come equipped with facilities equal to traditional buildings such as windows, air conditioners and bathrooms.

2. Portable granny flat

portable granny flat black cheap

A portable granny flat is a self-sufficient building detached from the house with a bathroom, at least one bedroom, and usually a small kitchen. Portable granny flats are usually prefab, kit or modular homes.

3. Portable donga

demountable doonga

A donga (or donger) is slang for a small, usually transportable building.

4. Portable workshops

outdoor home office prefab

A portable home office or workshop is a great way to maintain a work-life balance even when working from home.

Portable buildings for sale: The best transportable building manufacturers in Australia

7. Pidgon portables

pidgon portables buy online prefab homes

Pigdon portables is a family-owned business specializing in client customer service. They are based in Hopeland, Western Australia, but have delivered and installed temporary buildings all around the country. Read more on their website.

6. Eastern portable buildings

Eastern portable buildings architect designed buy online

Eastern portable buildings are a Sydney based portable building manufacturer with successful sales spanning back into the 1970s. EPB are renowned for their innovation and architecturally designed facilities. They are one of the most experienced temp building firms in Australia, with projects in construction, education, and commercial sectors.

EPB also offers buildings for hire rather than purchase, a flexible alternative to help those in need of temporary accommodation. Read more on the Eastern Portable Buildings’ website.

5. Portable buildings by design

Portable buildings by design buy online

Portable buildings by design is a leading transportable building manufacturer with locations Australia wide, from Brisbane to Perth. They offer relocatable homes, granny flats, accommodation for tourists, as well as domestic and commercial buildings. On top of this, portable buildings by design always custom-make each building to the client’s individual needs. Browse their portfolio here.

4. Instant transportable offices

Instant transportable offices

Instant Transportable Offices is a WA-based transportable building firm which operates throughout the entirety of Australia. Their buildings are available for delivery anywhere in the country. Instant Transportable offices is one of the largest firms for manufacturing and hiring portable buildings in Western Australia. They pride themselves on providing prompt and intelligent solutions tailored to client needs. Read more here.

3. Grove portable buildings

The grove group buildings temporary

The grove group is an Australian owned company who have proven success in four main sectors: private investment, property development, manufacture and hire of portable buildings, and motorsport. They have over 20 years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing transportable buildings. They have done so for private and commercial enterprises including mining, government and educational buildings.

2. ATCO portable buildings

ATCO portable buildings rent or buy australia

ATCO is an international modular home company which has received global recognition for high quality portable buildings across a variety of sectors. They pride themselves on procuring innovative solutions with a sustainable focus, taking an environmental approach towards housing, energy, water, transportation and agriculture.

ATCO’s affordable buildings have been sold throughout Australia since the 1960s. Read more about their products and projects here.

1. Elite portable buildings

Elite portable buildings toowoomba

Elite Portables is a transportable building design and construction firm based in Toowoomba which provides high quality buildings across Australia and overseas. They provide all manner of affordable portable buildings from granny flats to business offices, apartments, work buildings and regular homes.

Elite Portables are an extremely flexible company and will work with you every step of the way. If you have house plans already drawn up, an Elite employee will take a look and give you a realistic quote within 24 hours. Contact here for more information.

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