Creative design meets creative coffee

Design firm Perinelli gives Origin coffee shop a unique look that helps it stand out in Myanmar's vibrant coffee scene

At a prime location with a magnificent view of Inya lake sits Origin coffee in Myanmar’s Yangon, a speciality coffee shop and roastery that really stands out. With design from a firm based in Singapore, it is Perinelli’s outstanding design that has drawn both local and foreign visitors to the store.

Sunlight streams in through their curved glass façade, giving the exterior a highly distinctive look beckoning visitors inside. It is the centrally positioned coffee bar, however, that really draws the eye. Looking almost like a coffee bean itself and made using Burmese teak this dominating feature captivates as it draws your attention. It is striking from all angles. This centrepiece combines form and function reinforcing a floor plan that focuses activity to the centre of the store. A display of roasted beans, highlighting the craft that goes into coffee creation, establishes a connection between the first floor and the second, with brass tubes leading to the roasting room upstairs.

Beside the entrance, a storage room controls temperature and humidity levels to preserve the freshness of raw beans on display prior to roasting.

With the first floor taking a grab-and-go concept, the second floor instead invites customers to linger and relax with a lounge-like setting with banquette seating.

Here, locally sourced beans are roasted in the specially designed glass roasting room, giving the public the chance to observe and become a part of the coffee creation experience.


Ultimately Perinelli’s outstanding job at taking the function of Origin, coffee creation, and using that to lead its design has been pulled off in the best way possible. Here they have created a space that not only attracts customers to attend the store to get their morning hit but to share in the experience of coffee creation and ultimately, share that experience with their friends, leading to the national and international success of the business.


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