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Unveiling a canvas of inclusivity with GH Commercial

GH Commercial explores the crossroads where artistry meets education with the Social Canvas Collection. Four unique styles articulate the philosophical cornerstones of inclusive design, designing empowered spaces which reflect the diversity of our communities.

Unveiling a canvas of inclusivity with GH Commercial

Uplifting Others & Breaking Boundaries in colour 729 True Self

The Mohawk Group’s Social Canvas Collection, presented by GH Commercial, aims to redefine the role of carpets in contemporary settings – particularly within the education sector. In the eyes of these industry titans, flooring represents an untapped reservoir of design potential with the power to shape, define and create inclusive environments for all.

The Social Canvas Collection is an Australian-made carpet plank collection which rises to this exciting occasion. The collection explores four foundational styles which represent abstract painterly concepts: Uplifting Others, Breaking Boundaries, Art Therapy and Space for All. Together, the four styles articulate the collection’s thematic focus on diversity, individuality, and the human spirit.

Furthermore, the Social Canvas Collection carries a significant social impact. GH Commercial proudly lends support to genU’s Arts Programme; specifically, the James Street Gallery based in Geelong, Victoria. This inclusive community space empowers artists living with disabilities to explore diverse mediums of art by providing them with a welcoming and accessible studio space.

The initiative champions diversity and visibility within the artistic community, empowering those with unique voices to create art which has been informed by their individual perspectives –something that the Social Canvas Collection aims to facilitate amongst educational spaces.

In October 2023, the James Street Gallery will debut their upcoming exhibition, “RISE,” at the Geelong Art Gallery. This extraordinary exhibition celebrates the distinct artistic fingerprints of creators and will spotlight a collaborative installation of modular boxes arranged within totemic structures. GH Commercial’s generous donation has enabled the James Street Gallery to incorporate an immersive ‘soundscape’ element within the exhibition, ensuring that it will be one to remember.

The inception of the Social Canvas Collection stems from a meaningful collaboration between Mohawk Group and ArtLifting, an organisation dedicated to providing artists affected by housing insecurity or disabilities with a platform to amplify their voices and perspectives. Renowned artist Charlie French’s work serves as a particular inspiration for this unique collection, which draws on French’s affinity for rigid shapes to express the warmth of the human spirit and create welcoming spaces.

Uplifting Others in colour 535 Flow State

“My favourite shape is squares,” explains Charlie French. “I love to fill a canvas with squares. A canvas filled with squares is like a path. It’s a way to move forward. Moving forward and staying safe.”

In this vein, the Social Canvas collection transcends conventional flooring to become a canvas for joyful self-expression. The elegantly simple base texture of Space For All represents a blank and natural canvas, primed and prepped for an ambitious brush.

Art Therapy, Breaking Boundaries, and Uplifting Others celebrate the intricacies of French’s brushwork, integrating stunning textual layering to enhance a space with artistic elegance and conceptual depth.

Art Therapy in colour 936 Fresh Paint

What sets the Social Canvas Collection apart is its transformative capacity to turn any environment into a work of art. Its suitability extends beyond galleries and museums to encompass the educational spaces which nurture bright young minds.

With a vibrant colour palette and a thematic emphasis on individuality, the Social Canvas collection welcomes diversity within educational settings to foster creativity and empowerment among students.

Space for All in colour 829 Journal and 535 Flow State

This Australian-made collection is underpinned by GH Commercial’s extraordinary manufacturing resources and technology, including Pattern Perfect® technology and Duracolor® Tricor Fibre.
These features guarantee unparalleled stain resistance, colourfastness, durability, and colour clarity – ensuring that Social Canvas is not only visually captivating but also inherently practical and long-lasting.

As GH Commercial introduce the Social Canvas Collection, we invite you to explore the celebration of the human spirit through design. Learn more about the canvas which speaks to storytelling, individuality and diversity all at once.

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