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Ontera Does A Full 180°

Twelve stunning colours. Four linear designs. The new 180° range radiates creativity for modern spaces.


BY Aniqa Mannan

October 18th, 2013

Inspired by the rich, vibrant colours that distinguish cultures from around the world, Onteram Modular Carpet’s new 180⁰ range is certainly designed to inspire.


Embarking on an extensive Design Journey, Ontera explored architecture, traditions, customs and fashions from around the globe, gaining insight into the cultural significance of colour and design in our day to day life.18772327_honey-tea-insitu

The exciting new 180⁰ range is the culmination of this design research, which tracked local and international colour and design trends.


With multiple colours providing impact and versatility, plus Ontera’s passion to customise project designs, the 180⁰ range is perfect for any project, and any space.

Click here to view Ontera’s 180⁰ Design Journey video

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