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It’s High-End, It’s Luxe, It’s SO Extra: It’s Flooring!

Offering a selection of over 50 high-end timber floors and a wide range of custom-made floor stains and lime washes, Precision Flooring is THE place to visit for your next luxury flooring solution.

The importance of good flooring:


Like anything, the foundation of any space is often the biggest (and most important) investment when it comes to high quality, long-term value. When building a home, or kitting-out an office, a restaurant or really just any space at all (!) flooring is often considered to be one of the most crucial elements, affecting both the property’s value and the comfort of its end-users. Taking the brunt of everyday wear and tear, it is vital to choose a style of flooring that suits a myriad of needs confronting any possible stakeholder. Whilst being a key functional element of the home, the right flooring also has the ability to transform an environment aesthetically – by selecting high-quality flooring, all interior elements coalesce into a holistic design scheme. So it’s definitely safe to say, high quality flooring is IMPORTANT!


So why not consider a high-end flooring solution? This is where yours truly, Precision Flooring, is uniquely positioned to held. Precision Flooring is a leading timber-flooring specialist, comprising over 50 timbers sourced from Australian plantations all over the country. Team Precision also specialises in sustainable solutions surrounding recycled timbers sourced from condemned wharves, warehouses and old wool stores, perfect for lovers of antiquated charm and industrial edginess. Renowned for transforming tired, worn-out spaces into luxurious, high-value abodes, and with a huge display of timbers in their award-winning showroom, Precision is the place to go for luxury flooring.


So, what should you consider when investing in high-end flooring?


Let us break it down for you!


1: Installation


When it comes to wooden flooring, it is important to consider who is going to install, however in most cases, it is recommended to have the flooring installed by a professional. When considering how the flooring will look in your space, it is possible to take samples home with you to see how they look in its natural lighting/environment. And while this might sound like an obvious point to make abundantly clear, this service element is in fact not widely embraced across the A+D sector. Satisfying the natural lighting elements of your space – the way it casts shadows or the way it might refract light – can radically reinterpret the visual aesthetic of timber flooring (sometimes for worse, often for better).


2: Style


Choosing the style of flooring for your home is often a very tough decision. With solid timber, engineered timber, recycled timber, special finishes, parquetry and exclusive forms of flooring it is all too easy to be overwhelmed. In order to source the best fit for you, consider the kind of ambience you want for the room and share this with your Precision Flooring professional. The style of flooring has the ability to change a room from light and airy to warm and cosy, the options are endless: a touch of formality here, a bit of rustic charm there, this universal material may appear rigid… but it’s flexible beyond belief!


3: Functionality


It is vital to choose the correct flooring for each location within your space. Consider the function of the room – is it going to have animals or children running across it? Will it be likely to receive variations in temperature? Does it attract a lot of sunshine? Or is it simply burdened with an inordinate degree of foot traffic? Is the room commonly experiencing heavy traffic, such as hallways? Take these into consideration with your flooring professional before making a final decision. After all, functionality and form are friends – not foes.

Whether home-owner, restaurateur, designer or specifier, everyone on the spectrum of enthusiast to design-professional is constantly being required to make spaces that are not only visually pleasing, but that actively produce positive responses and engaging environments for the end-users they are intended.

Team Precision Flooring is one of few outliers delivering real solutions to this common brief by creating products matched with top-level expert service – all imbued with meaningful narratives and quality materials to allow us all to better connect with their environments.


.          .          .



Following ANZ’s ongoing digitisation project in the financial services industry, the reimagined premises of ANZ – expertly designed by WMK Architecture – suffuses the bricks and mortar presence of the bank with its forward-thinking digital prowess. Seeking to create a more engaging experience between ANZ staff and their patrons, the site celebrates intelligent design principles hand-in-hand with future-proof integrated technology.

Through the softened tonal scheme of natural tones, organic materiality meets cutting-edge technology. Precision Flooring’s European oak Freado’s non-pigmented finish ties a seamless narrative throughout the spaces to provide a thoughtful and consistent backdrop.

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