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Ergonomic high-load monitor arm

Suitable for dual and multi-screen configurations, this monitor arm from Colebrook Bosson Sanders breaks new ground in terms of usability and ergonomic design.

Ergonomic high-load monitor arm

Introducing the Flo X Multi Mount, a monitor arm that can handle heavier, larger format screens in dual and multi-screen configurations.

Designed and supplied by Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS), the inspiration behind the monitor arms was simple. It derived from the trend towards multiple displays in office workstations.

Featuring easy side-to side rotation, the Flo X Multi Mount not only satisfies this demand, but also allows users to arrange their screens simply and as they wish – from Portrait to Landscape configurations, in flat or cockpit formations, or in a continuous arc.

Beyond that, and in line with its designer’s commitment to enhancing user experience and connecting people seamlessly with technology, the Flo X Multi Mount monitor arm was designed with ergonomics in mind.

CBS - Flo X Multi Mount


Thanks to the product’s single tilt mechanism, users are able to adjust their two or three screens simultaneously. At the touch of a finger, they can position their monitors exactly where they want them.

In this way, the Flo X Multi Mount delivers a range of ergonomic benefits.

It ensures the neck and head are in neutral, balanced positions – which, in turn – decreases the likelihood of musculoskeletal injuries and headaches. It enables users to a maintain a healthy working posture, which allows their lungs to expand more fully, increases oxygen intake, reduces fatigue, and boosts concentration.

CBS - Flo X Multi Mount

In addition, the capacity to easily tilt and angle monitors not only minimises glare and reflections, but also reduces the likelihood of visual fatigue.

Similarly, because users can switch easily between screen orientations, they can configure them to suit particular tasks. This reduces scroll rates and therefore minimises the potential for Repetitive Strain Injury.

Then finally, because the Flo X Multi Mount includes no bulky or obtrusive stands, users are better able to organise their workstations, and maintain things like correct keyboard and mouse positioning. They are able to further enhance their posture and prioritise their personal wellbeing in the workplace.


The Flo X Multi Mount dual and triple is designed to support multiple, larger, and heavier displays, including flat and curved monitors with 1800R or above (aspect ratio 16:9 or 16:10). It has a total weight range (including screens plus bar, etc.) of 7-16kg in dual spring mode, or 3-7kg in single spring mode.

The Flo X Multi Mount is available in a choice of black or white. In order to accommodate users’ needs in different ways, it has a horizontal reach of 789mm and vertical adjustment capacity of 328 mm.

Further features include full cable management along the bar, arm integrated tilt of complete bar and monitors, levelling adjustment of complete bar, ‘Slide-n-Lock’ monitor positioning, an optional handle for optimum adjustment, and a high-capacity cable management system.

Available across Australia and the Asia-Pacific, the Flo X Multi Mount monitor presents as more than CBS’ response to the market demand for multiple displays. It presents as a response that breaks new ground in terms of usability and ergonomic design.

Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS)

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