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Even though we walk all over it, well-designed flooring has the ability to create meaningful connections with people and their spaces.



July 28th, 2015


I know what you’re thinking… “I’ve already heard of woven vinyl flooring” – well, not like this you haven’t.

It’s human nature to be influenced by your surroundings. Imagine being able to consistently inspire and motivate the users of a space through the attitude of the floor? As what is arguably the biggest area of a project, flooring can play a pivotal role in making a positive impact on the space and its inhabitants – commercially, residentially or otherwise.

As a family brand led by creative powerhouse Katia De Witte, her husband Philippe Hanet and brother James De Witte, vinyl flooring designers 2TEC2 are truly gifted in their ability to give real personality to a space by telling a captivating story with highly functional materials.


Let’s look at their recent collection LUSTRE for example, a stunning addition to their vinyl flooring family.

No one is better at design than Mother Nature, right? Well, through innovative techniques, 2TEC2 has crafted a flooring proposition that drastically changes appearance based on the viewing angle of the spectator.

2TEC2 recently commented that: “since the dawn of mankind, men have ventured into the depths of the earth to find shelter from the elements. These newfound spaces became places of worship, refuge and artistic expression. Still today, the mystery surrounding caves holds an attraction to the inquisitive mind. This is why we chose the cave as a metaphor for our new collection, LUSTRE. A place of wonder and at the same time the shelter which keeps us safe and warm.”

And here, 2TEC2 demonstrate why creatives the world over are beginning to understand the importance of designed flooring. How many brands can say that their flooring not only looks good, but also contributes to the positivity and motivation of an environment and the behavior its users?

The idea of “refuge” and “artistic expression” have huge implications within the commercial sector for example. Particularly with the prevalence of ABW and open-plan offices, having a space that you feel somehow understands and supports your basic need for privacy or creative exploration means that you are more able to connect with your work environment, and thus perform better. The personality of an office’s flooring in this case, is greatly important in setting this atmosphere.


LUSTRE for example, was inspired by geology and exploration below the surface of the earth. This is a collection that wants to be discovered over and over again, and continually reinforces the ideas of “refuge” and “artistic expression”.

The name of this collection itself stems from the mineralogical term describing the way light bounces off minerals, crystals and rocks, in the same way the light bounces off this collection and creates its ever-changing appearance. A very natural connection therefore, for people to respond to.

Designers and specifyers are continually being asked to make spaces that are not only visually pleasing, but that actively produce positive responses and engaging environments for its people.

2TEC2 is one of few delivering real solutions to this common brief by creating products with meaningful narratives and quality materials that allow people to better connect with their environments.


2TEC2 is stocked exclusively in Australia through De Poortere.

Watch the full LUSTRE video here

LUSTRE by 2TEC2 – The Many Facets of Woven Vinyl Flooring from Belgian Flooring on Vimeo.


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