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Balancing privacy and collaboration: How private offices can thrive in today’s work landscape

With the help of Buro’s range of soundproof pods and ergonomic chairs, private offices are evolving into spaces that balance privacy with the need for collaboration and flexibility.

Balancing privacy and collaboration: How private offices can thrive in today’s work landscape

Kolo Duo Meeting Room.


January 15th, 2024

In today’s interconnected global economy, successful businesses thrive on effective communication, idea-sharing, and cross-functional collaboration. Nonetheless, more people are realising how crucial privacy is to productive and satisfied employees.

According to studies by Finnish researchers Jenni Radun and Valtteri Hongisto, dissatisfaction with noise was strongly related to a preference for private offices, which proved the ‘best fit’ for focused, concentrated work. The researchers suggested that private shared offices or soundproof workspaces such as mobile pods and booths could be an alternative solution if private offices cannot be offered.

These findings underscore how executive suites and private offices, which were traditionally provided to reinforce corporate hierarchy and give high-ranking executives privacy, will need to take on a different role in today’s agile work environment. As office spaces now prioritise flexibility for everyone, there is greater demand for solutions that enable a dynamic work environment that accommodates different work styles and preferences.

Kolo Duo Meeting Room.

Importance of privacy

Noise disruptions and a lack of privacy can lead to reduced cognitive performance and productivity. Certain tasks and responsibilities benefit from a more secluded environment, including video calls, confidential meetings, job interviews, brainstorming sessions and sensitive negotiations.

Even though there are many ways to provide privacy in workspaces, one of the more versatile options that exist on the market today is soundproof pods. Buro provides a premium selection of aesthetically pleasing and technically superior acoustic pods from Koplus that enhance workplace flexibility while providing employees with privacy.

Kolo Solo Phone Booth.

Combining European style with precision engineering, Koplus’ soundproof office pods feature class-leading soundproofing materials, high-quality metal and glass construction, and structural detailing to mitigate noise. Personalised lighting, charging points and built-in ventilation create a customised, technology-enabled and comfortable workspace.

Throughout its range of soundproof pods, Koplus provides options to accommodate different work styles and requirements. The Kolo Solo is an on-demand personal space designed for quick, confidential calls and video conferences. Employees can have private conversations in the booth while coworkers can continue working uninterrupted.

Kolo Midi Studio Booth.

For longer sessions of concentrated work, the Kolo Midi Studio Booth offers a self-contained individual studio space with ample room to fit in a work desk and a chair. Individuals can settle in comfortably and focus on work without outside distraction.

Organisations looking for flexible meeting spaces can turn to the Kolo Duo, which provides a versatile solution that can be easily configured. Its modular design provides ample room for up to four people per unit. For a more formal meeting space, the configuration can be expanded into Duo+ with two units and Duo++ with three units to accommodate up to eight people.

Comfort and ergonomics

Combining privacy solutions with ergonomic furniture is the key to creating a holistic executive workspace. An ergonomic workspace allows for good posture, fewer repetitive motions, less exertion, and reduced awkward postures, all of which result in enhanced wellbeing, mental clarity, focus and productivity.

To create healthy, supportive work spaces, the Konfurb Sense, Buro Mentor and Buro Elan office chairs provide seating solutions to meet everybody’s unique needs. These chairs, designed with the latest ergonomic technologies, have synchro mechanisms that support the body’s natural movement to improve musculoskeletal comfort, facilitate easy breathing, and promote circulation.

From open-plan areas for collaborative work to private pods and quiet corners for focused tasks, modern office design is about choice and flexibility. Companies like Buro recognise the evolving needs of employees; their soundproof pods and ergonomic chairs allow individuals to comfortably engage in a wide variety of work interactions and then disappear into private spaces when they want to focus.

Learn more about Buro’s range of ergonomic furniture here.


Kolo Midi Studio Booth.
Kolo Duo Meeting Room.

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