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A world of customisation with Designer Rugs

Whether it’s a change in the colour palette, a specific size or unexpected angles – designers can create the perfect accompaniment to a commercial project with Designer Rugs.

  • ANZ head office Auckland by Warren & Mahoney. Photo by Simon Devitt.

  • PwC by Futurespace. Photo by Nicole England.

  • Richmont Hotel by Cottee Parker.

  • Pie Fund office, New Zealand. Photo by Michelle Weir.

  • Swarovski Sydney by The World is Round. Photo by Tyrone Branigan.

  • Paspaley Pearls HQ by SJB.

Designers have a keen eye. In the process of a commercial fit-out many products and finishes must come together to meet a myriad of requirements – cost, quality, aesthetics to name a few. As such, grabbing something off the shelf is not always possible. These one-off pieces from Designer Rugs showcase the capability of the company’s customisations and may just provide the inspiration needed for your next project.

ANZ head office, Auckland by Warren & Mahoney

The team at Warren & Mahoney in New Zealand took the circular design of the Monarch rug, designed by Boh Runga, and extended it into a large rectangle to fit the reception area.

Inspired by the Monarch butterfly, the original design easily lends itself to a different shape, while the rich orange and maroons colour palette maintains a visual reference to its original point of inspiration.

PwC Melbourne by Futurespace

In the PwC fit-out, a large custom rug has helped demarcate the large, open-plan space. The new workplace interior was designed by Futurespace and is a prime example of bringing new modes of working into a design.

The molecule rug was designed by Gavin Harris, who is also the design director a Futurespace, used his own design to great effect. But not without some changes. The final Molecule rug used at PwC has a custom colour palette, tying in perfectly with the new fit-out.

Richmont Hotel by Cottee Parker

Also leveraging the ability to customize a colourway, the team at Cottee Parker took the simple shape and complex pattern of Emma Elizabeth’s Round Diamond for the Richmont Hotel project, adapting the colours to be more suited to the design.

Adding understated luxury with a reference to fine gemstones, the customized Round Diamond rug has been updated from vibrant blues and whites to oranges and greens. The circular shape lends itself to two perfect breakout spots in the hotel lobby.

Swarovski Sydney by The World is Round

Wanting to bring the identity of the brand into the store, The World is Round took the rectangular shape of Kate Sylvester’s Cosmo and etched away the edge. The tessellated free form edge follows the original pattern design while alluding to the jagged edges of a fine gemstone.

Despite only being subtle customisations, the updated rug for Swarovski Sydney offers a perfect match to the brand and the space.

Pie Funds office

Investment Management firm Pie Funds needed a rug to soften a breakout spot in the office. By using the Fractions designed by Gianna Kharboutli with custom colours, the space aligns with the overall aesthetic of the office.

A combination of blues with a white detail has changed the overall feel of the Fractions rug, making for fresh-looking commercial interior fit-out.

Paspaley Pearls Martin Place by SJB

Paspaley Pearls is known for luxury and quality, it was this brand DNA that SJB was able to instil into the Martin Place office. Rather than a straightforward colour change, the SJB team took the design of Alex Perry’s Psaraki rug, with an elegant coy pattern, and completely adjusted the scale.

Minimising the fish pattern to fit perfectly with the breakout furniture, the custom design pays homage to the original while adjusting it to work seamlessly with the overall design.

To begin your custom rug journey, contact Designer Rugs now.

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