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Pearly Jewels

Melbourne jeweler, Polly Vanderglas’ background in fashion, cultural studies and her ongoing interest in the human body have led to these works of… body-part art.

BY jesse

June 30th, 2008

Polly Vanderglas is causing a fuss with her very unique take on recycling. While some may find these pieces a little too wacky, others are pulling their hair out to get hold of one of the cult designs.

Polly Vanderglas’ jewellery pieces explore new types of interactions between jewellery and the body. Employing a wide range of metals and materials, including hair, teeth and fingernails- all genuinely human – and all donated from living friends and relatives – the pieces take recycling to the next level.

While the idea of seeing someone else’s tooth wrapped around your finger everytime you take a sip of coffee is a little too much for some, Polly insists that the purpose of the pieces is to generate thoughts of the owner – giving the pieces their own story.

"Each tooth or hair lock has it’s own history. I find that there’s almost a feeling of bonding when shed parts are mixed up, re-used, and re-appropriated."

"I feel myself asking as I wear the tooth ring out to dinner; what was the last meal this tooth ate? Or as I get dressed in the morning and put on the
plaited hair hoop earrings; what kind of hairstyle did these locks come from?"

Pieces are available via the designer.






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