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In Profile: Two Studio

This Sydney-based creative studio is energetic, enthusiastic and ready for anything!

In Profile: Two Studio


June 3rd, 2011

Bringing a palpable sense of energy and curiosity to their projects and injecting them with fun and flair, Two Studio is a growing design firm with a vibrant and varied portfolio.

Indesignlive speaks to founders Micaela Campagna and Joyce Chen about how they work and what’s next in store.

How did Two Studio come about?

We both came from commercial interior design backgrounds and after a period of time in the industry, we both left to pursue other creative avenues – Micaela, photography and Joyce, painting.

After working on a few private projects individually, we decided to combine forces and create Two Studio.

The creativity began from home, in a small apartment in Stanmore until things took off and we moved into our current studio in Surry Hills.

The dream began with the hope of creating a multi-disciplinary design studio that combined our training in design and our individual passions of art and photography.

We anticipated that one of the disciplines would become our main source of work, but it has remained quite even and steady throughout Two Studio’s development.

When we are working on projects we often find that each of the disciplines complement each other. Maybe ’transdisciplinary’ is the word that best describes what we do!


Lego night – in preparation for…


What’s the vibe like in the office?

It really depends on the day! Most days the vibe is relaxed, inspired and lively, but other times we run purely on nervous energy.


How would you describe your creative process?

It’s always varied in terms of the place, time and method but we always concept as a team (never as individuals).

We push the notion that every idea has merit, and do not squash creativity by constantly focusing on the practicalities and invariables.

There is of course a time and place for this, but we try not to think too much about restraints when concepting.


…Installation for Management Consultancy International (MCI) office installation


What sets Two Studio apart from other design firms?

Our culture and philosophy focuses on transcending disciplinary boundaries so that our projects are not limited by traditional design principles.

We believe that the creative process should not be governed by past project experience or training, but instead should start from scratch every time.

Basically, we try to steer away from pre-conceived ideas of how a design project should end up.


The Poets Chinese restaurant


What inspires you?

Local and international designers are often a source of inspiration for us – March Studio, Akin Creative, FormUsWithLove, Tobias Putrih and Joost.

Design studios who take risks and don’t cut and paste the same design solutions time and time again are inspiring to us.

We are always on the lookout for exciting and refreshing environments where we can relax and be creative, and in those settings we often find inspiration all around us.


What’s next for Two Studio?

A children’s book. Product Design. An in-house letterpress machine. An exhibition. We have a million things on our “aspiration” list. Hopefully we get through them all!


Two Studio

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