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Designers’ Experience of Milan: Hugh Altschwager

Inkster Maken’s Hugh Altschwager describes Milan Design Week as an ‘overload’. So what did he personally take away from the fair? We find out.

BY Tess Ritchie

May 11th, 2015

Name: Hugh Altschwager

Occupation: Designer

Location (where are you based): Melbourne

Company: Inkster Maken

Position: Owner

How would you describe the 2015 Milan Design Fair in one sentence?

Design overload.

Matchstick Table Lamp

Matchstick Table Lamp

What has/have been your favourite: 

three products this year?

All of the furniture products by Nendo’s Oki Sato from the last year

Michael Anastassiades new collection

BDDW & Apparatus Studio

Matchstick Table Lamp

Matchstick Table Lamp

Matchstick Table Lamp

Matchstick Table Lamp


Norwegian Presence


Bar Basso over flowing onto the roundabout after the Indesign party.

newcomer’s stand?

Melbourne Movement

What is the 2015 Milan: 


Matte finishes.



Firefox Pendant

Firefox Pendant

Firefox Pendant

Firefox Pendant

What product and/or trend at Milan do see being most relevant to the Australian market?

There is still a lot of natural materials flowing through – stone, timber & leather as well as metals that have been very popular in recent years – brass, copper etc.

What did you personally take from and/or learn at the fair? 

That Australian design and products are right up there with what is being produced elsewhere.

What has been the highlight of your time in Milan?

Unposto a Milano

Firefox Pendant

Firefox Pendant


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