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3 surprising ways to improve ocular health while working

Digital eye strain during work has become the new normal, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Mindfulness aside, ergonomics could be one of the key solutions to improving ocular health. Humanscale has answers.

3 surprising ways to improve ocular health while working

Whether you’re working from your home or the office, today’s work demands make it imperative to stay logged on to our computers or laptops for at least 8 hours, every day. Studies have shown that people normally blink on average, 15-18 times per minute. Doing this, naturally refreshes the eyes. But, according to Dr William Blahd, blink time is significantly lowered when looking at digital devices. A direct consequence is increased digital eye strain.


The statistics are baffling too! In the US, a 2016 report by the Vision Council found that digital eye strain was fairly common among the younger generations and was affecting almost 65% Americans. In Australia, a report by Ernst & Young in 2015-2016 stated that Australians with a digital device, spent on average, 10 hours engaging with their devices.


Some of the common short-term symptoms may include: dryness, itchiness, blurred vision, light sensitivity or headaches. Over the course of time, it could also aggravate into issues like double vision, myopia and ultimately result in lower productivity and ill-health.


Steps like reducing screen brightness, maintaining proper distance and taking frequent breaks could help lower the intensity of the problem. But ocular health during work goes deeper than that. There has to be a fundamental change in the way we interact with our workstations. And that’s where ergonomics could potentially do a lot to mitigate the problem.


How can ergonomics improve ocular health?


Task Specific Lighting

Poor lighting design around the workstation—(especially those harsh fluorescent lights)—is one of the major contributing factors to the development of visual symptoms and complaints.  An ergonomic workstation accounts for optimum task lighting that lowers screen glare and feels gentle on the eyes.

One of the forerunners in the manufacture of task-specific lighting for workstations, Humanscale, creates intuitive task lights to reduce strain and improve comfort for the user. Using advanced LED technology and sustainable design materials, the lights are made both energy and cost-efficient.


Adjustable Monitor Arms

With a standard monitor, you’re always going to be locked in a fixed viewing position that will eventually strain the eyes and neck, generating a feeling of acute discomfort. And that’s when an adjustable monitor arm or mount can truly save the day.

These tools encourage a healthier work posture and because you can adjust your screens to suit your comfort levels, eye fatigue is also minimal. Humanscale’s range of innovative monitor arms makes it easy to align the monitor to your preferred height. Plus, they’re sturdy, exceptionally durable and provide excellent stability.


Flexible Sit-Stand Desks

One of the things that can really cripple your productivity through a workday is a headache, often a direct consequence of eye strain. And here’s why a flexible desk can make a difference. A sit-stand desk provides a lot of freedom to move, giving you the opportunity to change posture, stand up or sit down and make adjustments depending on your comfort level. This, in turn, ensures your eyes can take a break every now and then.


The Float makes changing postures seem effortless, especially in the middle of a busy workday. On the other hand, the Quick Stand Eco is a brand-new sleek and portable sit/stand solution designed to transform an ordinary work-top into an intelligent and active workspace. Ample proof that good design can help you achieve more with less!


Switching to an ergonomic workspace is not only an intelligent manoeuvre; really there couldn’t be a better solution than using furniture that inspires movement and distracts the eye into taking a break every now and then. With that, ergonomics can also help you maintain better posture and relieve you of back and neck pain in the long term.


Find out, here, what Humanscale can do to improve ocular health and overall wellbeing with a tailored approach to ergonomics. 

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