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3 Innovative Chairs For the Modern Workplace

The way you sit has a significant impact on the way you work, and no one knows it better than these companies, whose latest chairs are both a science and lesson in good design.

3 Innovative Chairs For the Modern Workplace

Scirocco by Kokuyo

Scirocco’s design may look simple, but it’s a chair with a lot to offer. The chair is designed to draw unwanted heat away from the body as a result of long hours of sitting. The seat cushion also serves to improve the user’s sitting posture: it’s separated from the seat pan, thus providing stability. It also supports the pelvis and gives users the sensation that their lower back is cradled in the seat. In addition, the seat pan is adjustable and can be moved back and forth to suit the length of the user’s thighs.

The backrest comes with an optional 140mm range of lumbar support and by simply turning the knob users can easily control the tension for better back support and sitting posture. It can also recline to suit individual comfort levels, and when reclined, the seat cushion tilts according to the angle of the backrest, thus further enhancing support to the lower back. Also of note: the height of the backrest has been designed to provide maximum support to the shoulder blades when leaning back.

Scirocco is available in vibrant mesh and fabric colours and in a black or white frame.



Softscape Modular Lounge from Stylecraft

The very first collection for new brand ‘LEN by Helen Kontouris’ is a result of an 18-month collaboration between award-winning Australian designer Helen Kontouris and Stylecraft.

Suitable for both contract and residential settings, the Softscape collection offers a new way to work, meet, relax and interact. It comes with optional accessories including integrated power, lamps, coat stands and planter boxes, and features over 25 seating modules for the ultimate flexibility in seat configuration.

Softscape Modular Lounge is designed and manufactured in Australia, and is available exclusively through Stylecraft.



GESTURE by Steelcase

In conducting a Global Posture Study in 11 countries, and observing over 2,000 people in a wide range of environments and postures, Steelcase researchers found that the use of new technologies have led to nine new postures that are not supported by office chairs today. If not adequately addressed, these new postures can lead workers to experience pain, discomfort and long-term injuries.

“We love our technology – it’s become a ubiquitous extension of ourselves,” says James Ludwig, Vice President of Global Design for Steelcase. “The user interface is intuitive and responds to various gestures. But what about gesture recognition for the human body? The way technology impacts our body as we work has been largely ignored.”

Responding to the findings of the study, Steelcase has launched a new task chair, aptly named ‘Gesture’, that is inspired by studying the movement of the human body and the ways people work today.

Like the human body, Gesture is designed as a system of synchronised interfaces: the core interface, the limb interface, and the seat interface.

Core interface: The chair’s back and seat move as one to give the user continuous lumbar support. The back also cradles the user no matter the technology device used or posture taken.

Limb interface: The chair’s arm allows users to get closer to their work while ensuring their arms and shoulders are continually supported. The arms of the chair are also specially positioned to support a wider range of postures and people.

Seat interface: With the contoured seat distributing weight, Gesture allows a range of postures to occur, without users experiencing leg discomfort.

“Gesture reflects a new science of sitting,” notes Ludwig. “When you feel it, you’ll get it.”


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