Materialised is owned and run by the founding Price family with state-of-the-art digital printing and warehousing taking place in the Southern Sydney suburb of Blakehurst. The entire team is steeped in a culture of making a difference by doing things differently... Striving to make a positive difference to their community, industry, clients and those occupying the spaces they furnish.

Specialising in fit-for-purpose textiles, wall covering and acoustic products for hospitality, healthcare, education, theatres, government, defence and any project requiring high performance... Flame retardancy, high abrasion resistance and acoustic absorption are key.

The product range enables the complete furnishing requirement: Block-out curtain fabric, acoustic sheers, waterproof upholstery, sustainable faux leather, framed art, luxury bedspreads, shower curtains, cubicle screens, acoustic paneling and wall covering of all kinds. Decorative window film has also recently been added to the product suite.

Beyond innovative products, Materialised act as a conduit to clients for information on trends and changes in regulations affecting our industry, garnered from decades of strong relationship with industry leaders worldwide.

Design Studios are located in the major centres across Australia and New Zealand, in Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. More than just showrooms, designers enjoy colour-coded textile and wall covering samples and all the resources a designer could ask for. Digitally printed samples are even heat-pressed on the spot.

“Nothing is too much trouble. Attention to detail and client satisfaction is second to none.” - Kate Lewis, Interior Designer.

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Bay Lines: Coastal rhythms transformed into textile artistry

Inspired by the soothing rhythms of Nelson Bay, artist Patricia Braune and Materialised unveil the Bay Lines Collection, a captivating range of contract furnishings that effortlessly transport the intricate splendour of the coastal landscape indoors.

Covering walls, uncovering sustainability – Materialised’s eco-chic walling solution

Available now across Australia, Eden TPO is setting new standards in terms of not just sustainability, but also style.

Healing through art: a look at identity, history, resilience and rain

Lizzy Stageman blends ancestral wisdom with artistry to reveal grand life stories in her contemporary Aboriginal designs. ‘Finding My Place’ transforms her original art into captivating commercial textiles, wall coverings & acoustic art.

Wine and Riches: The unforgettable dining experience inspired by the African heritage and the Australian gold rush

Design Partnership’s recent design of The Meat & Wine Co in Castlereagh Street uses considered custom designs to create an atmosphere of ultimate luxury with Materialised.

The colourful Shibori print collection inspired by rich Australasian minerals

An exciting new partnership sees Shibori and Materialised come together to celebrate the wonders of Australasian minerals. Vivid, thoughtful and undeniably stunning, ‘Mineralism’ is a love letter dedicated to the vibrant colours of the Australasian landscape.

Four new ways to incorporate high impact wall coverings into existing designs

Materialised offer a range of performance driven protective products designed to preserve the integrity and aesthetic of interiors in a range of contexts. Materialised’s Hard Knocks wall covering collection embodies perfect balance between aesthetics and performance.

6 wall covering design trends for modern interiors

We peel back the layers on the wallcovering trends that are making waves in the interior design world.

It’s time to switch: vinyl upholstery that doesn’t cost the earth

While there’s a plentiful supply of upholstery options out there, you’ll find there are more eco-friendly alternatives that prioritise aesthetics, sustainability and cleanability.

A Summer at Sea: Materialised x Sibella Court

Designed by Sibella Court, the Seaworthy Collection from Materialised conjures seaworthy summer vibes with a series of intelligent designs that can be innovatively applied onto high performance furnishing textiles and wall coverings.

Dulcet tones and dashing shades with Nufelt

A stylish acoustic treatment, Materialised is bringing Nufelt to Australian shores, a wool-look felt wall covering made to suit any aesthetic.

Momentum by Materialised: A design force in unique wall coverings

Wall coverings have never looked or felt so good. Materialised introduces two new wall covering collections from Momentum, beautifully designed to liven up your interior space.

5 stand out exhibits seen at the Hospitality Design Fair 2021

Sydney’s ICC was recently host to No Vacancy / Hospitality Design Fair 2021. From the lot, here are 5 exhibits that caught our attention.

materialised club parramatta

Bespoke ‘whole room solutions’ brought to life with Materialised

The recent refurbishment of Club Parramatta showcases Materialised’s plethora of high-end, bespoke furnishing solutions and the company’s drive to go above and beyond for any project.

Keeping everything hushed up inside

Excessive noise has a range of negative benefits that can distract. Materialised’s acoustic products are suitable for busy spaces irrespective of industry.

Announcing the 2019 Workspace Awards winners!

Going from strength to strength, the 2019 Workspace Awards saw the most exciting submissions in the history of the program, and here’s who took home gold…

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