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Installing a built in oven: Everything you need to know about oven installation in Singapore

Built-in ovens can be tricky to install. By no means should you ever attempt to DIY. However, if you have the right kitchen conditions and a sufficient budget, you can certainly look at installing an oven in your home.

Installing a built in oven: Everything you need to know about oven installation in Singapore

Juliet Taylor


August 27th, 2022

A built-in oven is an oven that has been installed into the surrounding kitchen cupboards, cabinets or units. The majority of HDB flats being built now will have built in ovens, but there are still many BTO kitchens that went without. If you live in a home without a built-in oven, chances are that you have a countertop oven.

Countertop ovens differ from built-in ovens in a number of key ways. Firstly – and most obviously – they are not situated into the kitchen design and instead rest on a benchtop or wherever else there is space for their storage. Countertop ovens are portable and usually inexpensive (especially compared to the cost of installing a built-in oven). Oven cleaning is easier as you can access all parts of the oven as needed. However, countertop ovens have a number of drawbacks.

Countertop ovens are essentially just smaller versions of built in ovens. Built in ovens are usually around 600mm wide, whereas countertop ovens are around 381-450mm wide. This means that the things you can cook inside a countertop oven is limited, because large meals or roasts may not fit.

Another limiting factor is that a countertop oven does not have the same power as a built in oven, so cooking will take longer (and it may not even be possible to fully cook certain foods). They are also less convenient to repair and if it broke down you would most likely have to purchase a new oven.


There are a few crucial things to consider when weighing the choice between countertop and built-in oven. The first is how often you expect to use the oven. If you expect to be regularly baking, grilling, toasting or roasting various food items, a built-in oven is probably the best choice for you. However, a built in oven that goes unused can have problems as the moisture may build up and cause power trips when the oven is used again.

Another thing to consider is the size and capacity of the oven you will purchase. To do this, try to consider the types of meals that you will be making – if you intend to slow cook large meats and meals for a big family, you will want a larger oven with a high capacity. However, if you use an oven frequently but only make small meals, you will want something smaller and more streamlined to save on the electricity bill. Oven capacity is measured in litres, usually ranging from 55-85L. This is difficult to picture, so consider shopping in person if you can.

There are three types of heating modes for build in ovens: conventional, multi-purpose and convection ovens. To help guide you through your options and make the decisions easier, here is a list of the best brands for a conventional oven in Singapore.

Best built in oven Singapore: Dimensions, sizes and reviews for a built in oven and microwave in Singapore 2021

10. Built in microwave oven 2020

built in oven buy online

Microwaves can also be built into the cabinets and/or surrounding walls. This is usually quite cheap as microwaves do not require much space. You can purchase this microwave oven here from Harvey Norman for $599 SGD.

09. Elba

elba built in oven modern design fan

Elba is an Italian company that has been providing high quality built-in ovens across the world since the 1950s. They have a huge variety of oven types including microwave, electric multifunction, gas, fan gas, and static gas ovens. Browse their catalogue here for a comprehensive list of high quality products available in Singapore.

08. Rinnai

built in oven with cupboard hdb singapore

Rinnai is a homeware supplier based in Singapore with a commitment to high quality and affordable ovens. The basic built in oven pictured above has a capacity of 61L and is made from stainless steel with a removable double glass door. It is available from Rinnai here for $654.

07. Brandt

rinnai built in oven buy online

Brandt is a trusted homeware store which has been satisfying Singaporean customers for over 70 years. The built-in enamel oven has a capacity of 73 litres, 6 shelves and 7 different cooking functions. Take a look at the specs here.

06. Tecno

built in oven with cupboard hdb singapore

Tecno began in Singapore in the early 1960s as an appliance supplier before expanding across the globe. The built in oven pictured above is electric and features 7 different cooking functions. It is available here for $1,098.

05. EF

built in oven with cupboard hdb singapore

Ef built in ovens are renowned across Singapore for baking, grilling and roasting capacities. The oven pictured above is a sensor touch control oven with thirteen functions, automatic timers, 5 shelf positions and extreme energy efficiency. Purchase it here for $1,299.

04. Electrolux

built in oven with cupboard hdb singapore

This 68L built in oven is easy to clean and has multiple functions as well as fan-assisted heat circulation. It is a convection oven with enamel coating. You can find more details here on the Electrolux website.

03. Ariston built in steam oven

built in oven with cupboard hdb singapore

Steam ovens are notoriously expensive, but this 71L multi-function pyrolytic oven with steam assist from Ariston is extremely reasonably priced. With gentle steam function, electronic temperature control, and pyolyctic cleaning all included, this oven comes to only $1,199 from Ariston – considering steam ovens often go for 2-3 thousand dollars, this is an absolute steal.

02. Mayer

built in oven with cupboard hdb singapore

Mayer is the ultimate affordable appliance store in Singapore. This Air-fryer oven is available for just $269.00, making it one of the cheapest built-in ovens on the market. You can purchase it directly from Mayer here or browse the rest of their catalogue – Mayer have a huge variety of oven types including toaster, microwave, digital, and countertop ovens.

01. Bosch built in oven

built in oven with cupboard hdb singapore

Bosch ovens are the height of luxury when it comes to cooking in Singapore. Bosh are world renowned for their focus on innovation and how advancements in technology can perfect the cooking process.

Bosch ovens do not come cheap, but they are well worth the price and will last a lifetime. The Series 8 built in oven pictured above has an additional steam and microwave function. It is electric, 60 x 60 cm and made from stainless steel. Purchase it here from Bosch for $6,199 SGD.

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