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How to transform your master bedroom

The master bedroom is the largest bedroom in your home. As such, it should be your first port of call when it comes to redesigning recreational spaces.

How to transform your master bedroom

Juliet Taylor


November 4th, 2022

The largest bedroom in a house is known as the master. It is usually designed to support two people such as parents or a couple. Because of this, there are a few common features and designs master bedrooms share that are less common in other bedrooms.

The first aspect of a master bedroom is that they usually have very large built-in or even walk-in wardrobes. This is because they are meant to be able to house two people, which means twice the clothes.

Another common feature of master bedrooms is an attached ensuite. Ensuites are (usually small) personal bathrooms attached to the main bedroom of a house which allow for the occupants to have greater privacy. Read more about ensuite design here. Ensuites have become even more popular in recent times with the rise of COVID-19, as they provide a second bathroom option for the quarantined parties to use without risking infecting others.

Designing your master bedroom is an important part of creating a coherent design foundation. The master bedroom is a focal design point which sets the tone for the rest of the recreational spaces. It should reflect a balance between comfort and self-expression that works for your individual circumstances. Current trends are focusing on bold, contemporary designs with bright colours, distinct patterns and comfort-centric designs taking centre stage. We are also in the midst of a massive design resurgence, with influences from the Art Deco, Modernist and Minimalist eras seeping into modern design.

How to design your master bedroom: a step-by-step guide

Redesigning a bedroom can seem like an impossible task. With the amount of inspiration out there, it can be difficult to narrow down exactly what you want. Here is a guide to aid you on your bedroom transformation.

1. Gather inspiration

The first step may feel like the hardest: decision making. Try to find examples of master bedrooms that you like and compile a list. Once you feel that you have enough, you can begin to analyse the common features of each listing – for example, if you have saved a lot of bedrooms with warm colour palettes and minimalist décor, you know to look out for further inspiration in this style.

2. Make a decision

Once you have gathered enough resources, it’s time to plan. This means making virtually every decision there is; from colour palettes to furniture to flooring, at this point you should begin deciding exactly what you want for your master bedroom.

3. Clear it out

Make sure the room is ready for redecorating. This will probably involve removing all of the furniture, laying drop cloths if you intend to repaint, and even ripping up flooring in preparation for a new installation.

4. Gather the tools

Make sure that you have everything you need for the upcoming renovation. This will avoid you having to pause the job to pick up something extra. The equipment you need will depend on the type of renovation – see here for our renovation guide. This is if you intend to DIY – if you plan to hire contractors instead, this is where you will decide who to employ.

5. Begin the hard tasks

If you have planned anything big such as the installation of a partition wall, swapping out doors, changing the flooring or reinstalling windows, you want to get that completed first. Note that for most of these large-scale jobs you will need a licensed contractor and sometimes a permit.

6. Basic touches

Now is the time for simple, easy jobs such as cleaning and repainting the walls. These should not be difficult, but they may be tedious.

7. Final touches

Once the paint has dried and the room is fit for habitation, you can begin refurnishing it. This is where you get to realise your design vision and is the final stage of arranging your décor.

Singapore’s top 10 master bedroom design ideas for HDB, BTO and resale flats

Choosing just one interior design style can be tricky when so many clamour for attention. Here are some of the best bedroom renovation ideas for modern 4 room HDB BTO master bedroom designs.

10. Japanese

HDB master bedroom in flat

Japanese design is a serene style which promotes calmness and simplicity.

09. Small master bedroom

hdb platform small tiny master bedroom platform bed

There are a number of design strategies for making a small room feel bigger – such as the rule of three, the emphasis on vertical space and the use of mirrors.

08. Platform bedroom

large hdb master bedroom with platform room

Installing a raised platform for your bed is a great way to take advantage of the space offered by a master bedroom. This is a common choice for 3 room BTO flats as it makes the space feel more dynamic whilst giving additional storage opportunities.

07. Neo classic condo

hdb master bedroom high ceiling tall windows beige room

Modern contemporary design is perfect for an executive condo.

06. Mounted tv console

LED tv console master bedroom hdb bto

The future is now! This contemporary design takes the best of modern technology by using LED strip lights.

05. Modern wardrobe design

glass wardrobe master bedroom hdb flat design ideas bto

Modern wardrobes are sleeker than ever, with walk in wardrobes and cabinets made from glass rapidly becoming one of the hottest designs of the decade.

04. Master bedroom false ceiling design

modern hdb master bedroom luxury design ideas

False ceilings are an excellent way to introduce more dynamic lighting into your bedroom.

03. Neo-classic

neo classic design modern hdb flat

Neo-classic is one of the many interior design styles seeing a contemporary resurgence.

02. Cottagecore

cottage core bedroom hdb flat bto design ideas

As far as bedroom themes go, Cottagecore seems fairly simple on the surface. However, the charm of cottagecore bedroom design runs much deeper with its commitment to creating a cosy environment safe from the challenges of everyday urban life.

01. Luxury 5 room HDB master

scandinavian japanese design for big bedroom singapore

If you have a big enough bedroom, why wouldn’t you cram it with all of the amenities you could? A large bedroom like this allows you to attach an ensuite with not just a toilet and shower but also a bath, multiple cabinets, sinks and mirrors abound. The ample space inside the bedroom is a storage heaven, as is the clean minimalist design.

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