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Woven Image adds carbon offsetting to EchoPanel’s sustainability agenda

Building on its commitment to environmental sustainability, Woven Image is offsetting the embodied carbon emissions of its leading sustainably-focused PET acoustic panel EchoPanel® to zero from January 2022.

Woven Image adds carbon offsetting to EchoPanel’s sustainability agenda

Carbon offsetting allows companies to balance out their own carbon footprints by investing in projects that reduce, remove or capture emissions from the atmosphere such as reforestation, renewable energy or energy efficiency. By doing so, they can compensate for emissions they produce and bring their carbon footprint down to zero.

Demonstrating their unequivocal commitment to do better for our environment, Woven Image, pioneers in creating high-performance acoustic finishes using recycled materials, has offset 100% of the upfront embodied carbon of their EchoPanel® acoustic panel portfolio through contributions supporting Greenfleet forests. This is in addition to the contributions the company has made from offsetting their operational carbon emissions since 2017.

Woven Image's EchoPanel

EchoPanel Empire in colourway 365 | ©Woven Image

Invented and launched by Woven Image in 2004, EchoPanel is the leading eco-friendly decorative interior acoustic panelling solution. Designed to reduce and control reverberated noise in shared environments, EchoPanel® is ideal in a variety of commercial interior spaces, including workplace, education and hospitality environments. EchoPanel is pinnable, lightweight, printable, easy to cut and install, and its colour remains consistent throughout the depth of the panel allowing it to be installed without frames or edging.

Over the years, refinements in the product manufacturing process have ensured EchoPanel® continues to meet and exceed acoustic requirements in even the most challenging of applications, such as open-plan offices and classrooms. Today, the EchoPanel® acoustic panel suite includes 7mm, 12mm and 24mm thick EchoPanel® in up to 33 colourways, precision-cut wall panels and a range of printed panel designs. EchoPanel® is also widely used in workstation, space-dividing and ceiling baffle installations.

Woven Image's EchoPanel

EchoPanel Longitude in Slate colourway | ©Woven Image

While its combination of ‘designer’ surface finishes and performance are unrivalled, EchoPanel’s eco-innovation is what truly sets it apart. Made of 60% recycled PET bottles, every 1,000 sheets of 12mm EchoPanel® diverts 4.8 tonnes of post-consumer waste PET from landfill. EchoPanel boasts a 10-year life expectancy, after which the material is still 100% recyclable.

Offsetting EchoPanel’s carbon to zero is the next step in Woven Image’s sustainability journey. The company has partnered with Greenfleet, Australia’s first carbon offset provider, who are committed to protecting our climate by restoring our forests in Australia and New Zealand. Through donations that continue the restorative and regenerative work of Greenfleet, Woven Image has forward purchased offsets for 2,620 tonnes of CO2-eq for 2022, the equivalent of establishing 4,165 trees.

In 2021 Greenfleet planted 208 different species of native tress across 530 hectares in Australia and New Zealand to sequester 358,178 tonnes of carbon over their lifetime.

Woven Image's EchoPanel

EchoPanel 12mm in marle mushroom colourway | ©Woven Image

EchoPanel’s list of environmental achievements also includes a comprehensive Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), Climate Declaration, and a range of environmental and wellbeing certifications such as Global Green Tag Platinum Health and GreenRate Level A, Low VOC, Red List Free and Declare. Furthermore, EchoPanel® can secure credits under internationally-recognised sustainable building rating tools including Green Star, the WELL Building Standard, and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Woven Image's EchoPanel

EchoPanel Tilt (desk screen) and EchoPanel Latitude (wall) | ©Woven Image

While offsetting EchoPanel’s carbon to neutral is another step forward in their sustainability journey, Woven Image remains committed to delivering against their long-term environmental goals. By 2030, the company is aiming to halve their greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining a positive social impact. They are actively working towards this objective through ongoing investment and research in material innovation, investment in renewable energy, supplier engagement, and continuously innovating in the design, manufacture, installation and distribution of their products.

Learn more about Sustainability at Woven Image

Woven Image

Woven Image's EchoPanel

EchoPanel Print Astro, colourway 274 | ©Woven Image

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