Krost launch Design Resources Library

A usable library of workstation shapes and seating with 2D and 3D models

After years of requests from the A&D community, Krost has launched their online Design Resource section. No other Australian company has produced something this extensive: it features 2D CAD blocks and 3D models of their entire office furniture range.

Anyone who’s experienced looking for workstation clusters and office chairs in an online library knows the frustration of trying to find the exact sizes to match the products you want to represent. This frustration powered the demand for a usable library of workstation shapes and seating in all the standard sizes.

Krost’s Design Resource section combines a comprehensive listing of Krost products in 2D AutoCAD and 3D SketchUp formats. In answer to A&D prayers, it features their entire range in all standard configuration sizes and product dimensions.

The files are readily downloadable in .dwg and .skp formats. Everyone from architects and designers to project managers and students will find them excellent for creating layouts and realistic 3D walkthroughs. Krost’s Design Resources are going to make a whole lot of lives and creative processes a lot easier.