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There is a new leading light in contemporary design. You might recognise our newest Luminary

Mia Feasey is many things: designer, businesspersn, mentor, icon. And now, she joins our industry’s most influential as the latest Luminary inductee.

There is a new leading light in contemporary design. You might recognise our newest Luminary

Across centuries, the design industry has evolved from a cottage industry, to guilds states, to multi-national conglomerates. Like many other industries displaying a trajectory of rampant growth, the trend toward success is often ascribed to the aspiration and ambition of several leading lights who strive at all points to make a difference. An ongoing contribution to the cause of design is very human-centric, deriving from commitment to and a passion for breaking boundaries and thus reimagining our world anew. Such individuals are our Luminaries. As far as we, as a community, are concerned, the latest inductee to the Luminary hall of fame is someone that we believe portrays the epitome of design as a way of life and, what’s more, a way for the future.


Opening new doors once others have been closed, forging new paths when direction is lost, and working within industry structures to produce authentic and original feats of architecture and design are all qualities that this year’s Luminary possesses. Realising that our niche design sector is flexible, evolutionary, adaptive and transformative, is a perspective the INDE.Awards Luminary exemplifies. What is most significant about this, however, is that the award is granted to an individual selected by their own peers. The 2018 Luminary is a people’s choice award – demonstrating the reciprocation of support and mentorship that is so central to the ongoing success of our combined industries. The Luminary 2018 INDE.Award recognises an individual that stands out to the industry by achieving iconic design finesse and distinction.


Presenting the Winner of The Luminary Award:

Mia Feasey


Siren Design was founded only 13 years ago as a disruptive start up that, today, is one of the most respected design companies in the Asia Pacific region. At its helm is your 2018 Luminary: Mia Feasey, the CEO and founder of Siren Design.  Driven by her dictum of “starting from the ground up with nothing to lose,” Feasey is recognised as one of the industry’s most-active mentors, developing and nurturing the talent of tomorrow’s design leaders. Having designed award-winning interiors for Twitter, Facebook and Uber in recent years, her clientele as well as her design approach takes a bold stand about the future direction of design: that which embraces technology, is fearless in its innovation, and unapologetic in its humour and warmth.

Siren’s offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore allow Feasey’s practice to vary its work across several sectors including hospitality, retail, workplace and residential development. Taking home the Gold Sydney Design Award 2017, she has been highly commended as an  inspirational businessperson soaring through the newly evolving international design market on our doorstep.

Recognised as an ambitious natural leader, Feasey has led her team effortlessly into our industry’s new maturity, allowing the practice to dominate and positively reform conventional interior design limits. Keeping work practices spontaneous, exciting and creative, Feasey undoubtedly holds the characteristics of a Luminary.


The 2018 Luminary Award is Proudly Brought to You by Wilkhahn 

Wilkhahn partnered up with the INDE.Awards to present the Luminary award one of the regions most inspirational individuals.

Established in 1907, the German-based company originally founded in Hanover began manufacturing solid beech chairs made from wood found in nearby forests. Revolutionising ergonomics and implementing vastly outlying and unique ideas into the APAC industry, Wilkhahn is a highly suited partner for presenting this year’s Luminary Award. With an Asia Pacific subsidiary in place to expand operations in Asian and Australian markets, Wilkhahn effectively displays the explicit foundations of a transformative and symbolic company who has formulated rich and new expertise in commercial design. With the 2018 INDE.Awards celebrating our nations design experts, Wilkhahn holds a great statute to support this year’s Luminary Award.


INDE.Awards 2018 Gala


The 2018 INDE.Awards recognise and commemorate the talent amongst the APAC region to showcase to our large audience who our most progressive, bold and iconic designers and architects are.

The quality and level of excellence amongst this year’s entries, reaching over 400, surprised our jury once again as designer and architects revealed a new level of capabilities once again. With a diverse range of entries, the 2018 INDE.Awards will equivocally celebrate amazing individuals and display several of their fascinating design and architecture.


Congratulations to Mia Feasey, winner of the 2018 Luminary



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