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Indesign Webinar Series: Design after Distancing

Working and our Health – Watch Now

How does the design of our hospitals best equip those who work in them to help those who use them? How will the design of our hospitals and aged care facilities be affected and what needs to change or be adapted?

Changing Interior of Workplace – Watch Now

How do we envisage our workplace post COVID 19? With many employees having worked from home and generally successfully, will this way of working become the new norm and does that infer that we downsize our offices? If so what are the implications?

Indesign Marketing Masterclass – Watch Now

You’ve got the questions and we have the answers.
Join our Indesign Marketing Masterclass for businesses in the Architecture and Design community and get the edge on your competition.

Educating Futures – Watch Now

Education has been one of the few sectors that has maintained a presence throughout the time of Covid 19. Open for business and supporting fewer pupils has been a necessity but can the design of our schools be smarter, contracting and expanding as future needs dictate?

Whats Next for Hospitality – Watch Now

How will our restaurants and cafés change? Will we still dine out or will we go to the take out window or perhaps the window will become our night out! Or a restaurant visit might become an occasional occurrence instead of the every day routine that it has come to be. What does that mean for design? Does a hospitality interior upscale or downsize?

Shop How, Shop Where? – Watch Now

Personal shopping, a national past time, has suddenly taken a rest. The affect on retail has been enormous but what does this mean for the future?

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