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Paul McGillick


Gijs Nooteboom shares 6 truths of progressive workplace

We still speak about the workplace revolution, but revolutions don’t normally last 20 years. Is it all over and we’re simply moving the furniture around?

Studio Tate brings aged care into the new age

You probably can’t think of one good reason to go into residential aged care, but Studio Tate’s makeover of the Eva Tilley Memorial Home may make you rethink.

Indesign Luminary: Geoff Warn

For Geoff Warn, being W.A. Government Architect is not a culmination of, but just another chapter in a rich career.

Reinventing The Campus

Added value from great design takes on new meaning at UTS Central, making the campus once again an essential daily experience.

The Post-Virus Workplace

Has the Covid-19 shutdown changed the way we work forever? Paul McGillick takes a sceptical overview of current workplace futurology.

Ross Gardam: Emotion by Design

He is a mid-career designer, but retains the fresh vision of someone just starting out. Meet Ross Gardam, one of the great success stories of Australian design.

An Arranged Marriage

Thrown together by circumstance, Kirsten Stanisich and Jonathan Richards formed a professional partnership that has seen them grow, flourish and forge a brand of their own.

Indesign Luminary: Diane Jones

Diane Jones has been executive director at PTW since 2014. A natural leader of people, she considers herself to be “just one of the team”, bringing to the role a coherent philosophy and sense of conviction built over many years of practice.

Mark Landini

Indesign Luminary Mark Landini

Mark Landini is not a man to mince his words. His relationship with retail design is one of practicality and inventiveness. Because there’s no room for ‘experiential’ and ‘fashionable’ design when you’re faced with fickle consumers and a booming e-retail economy.

Rising expectations: The rise of vertical schools

Vertical education. It’s a fact, but is it also a fad? Paul McGillick looks at how education is reaching for the skies.

Rachel Neeson. Portrait by Charles Dennington.

The game changer: Rachel Neeson

Overcoming personal tragedy enabled Rachel Neeson to establish herself as one of Australia’s leading architects. We reflect on Neeson’s career having recently been announced as a 2019 INDE Luminary.

Portrait by Ryan Cantwell.

The late bloomer: Jon Goulder

Jon Goulder has been a mainstay of the Australian design industry for 20 years, but it’s only now that he considers his career to be taking off. We look at the 2019 INDE Luminary nominees career trajectory.

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