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Written by Kath Dolan

Creative Spaces Melbourne by Archier | Indesignlive

Designing The Democratic Workplace With Archier

When Melbourne City Council’s Creative Spaces program found vacant ground-floor retail space below a Southbank residential tower, it enlisted Archier to create a transparent, flexible HQ on the leanest of budgets.

University of Melbourne Arts West By ARM And Architectus

What the hell is ‘salon learning’ and how is design responding to this new educational format? Arts West, Melbourne Uni’s riotous new Arts Faculty by ARM and Architectus, reimagines on-campus learning via a landmark building shaped, inside and out, by the philosophy of object based learning.

Emilio Fuscaldo, Nest Architecture | Indesignlive

Five Mins With… Nest Architecture’s Emilio Fuscaldo

Sure, making grand architectural statements is great, but for Nest Architecture’s Emilio Fuscaldo the transformative power of design lies in small gestures that come from asking revealing questions.

University of Melbourne Arts West by ARM and Architectus | IndesignLive

What is “Salon Learning” and How are Designers Responding to this new Education Format?

Designed by ARM Architecture and Architectus, the University of Melbourne Arts West showcases object-based-learning in a cleverly playful, richly decorative, digitally integrated ‘cabinet of curiosities’.

Craig & Karl | IndesignLive

STOP! Collaborate and Listen: Craig & Karl

Assumed long-distance relationships were a recipe for heartache and angst? Clearly you haven’t met Australian graphic designers Craig & Karl; collaborating across the world with brands like Apple and Chanel – and all remotely!

Nest Architecture | Indesign

Can Humble Gestures Create Great Change?

For Nest Architecture’s Emilio Fuscaldo the transformative power of deslgn often lies in small gestures prompted by searching questions.

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